Following the Thread

Hello all, I have just finished putting together our November newsletter at work (soon to be sent out!) where each month we showcase a design classic. In case you didn’t know I am a graphic designer at Pickle Design. For next month I focussed on the Bibendum chair by Eileen Gray.

Pickle Design icon the Bibendum chair by Eileen Gray

My illustration of the Bibendum chair for our newsletter


E1027 the house Eileen Gray built with her Bibendum chair

Eileen Gray’s E1027 home with her famous chair


This 1920s triumph just proves the connectivity of all things! Eileen named her curvy cushioned chair after the Michelin Bibendum man. You can find out all about that if you like from the newsletter here. That chair was partly a more feminine response to Le Corbusier’s boxy Grand Confort, but it also reminded me of the inflatable chairs I had in the 90s growing up. Of course my blue with white daisies (highly uncomfortable) chair was directly inspired by the 1960s ‘Blow’ chair – and so it goes on.

Le Corbusier's LC2 Grand Confort

Le Corbusier’s LC2 Grand Confort illustrated for the Pickle Design 2014 calendar of great chair design


1960s inflatable Blow chair design classic

The 1967 Blow chair


Today I came across this absinthe green inflated sofa raised by a solid metal frame and thought these all belong together! This is the Yomi inflatable sofa by the French designers MOJOW. Its highly practical, easy to assemble and can be used inside and out. I love it and can’t wait to see where this design story takes us next.

The Yomi sofa by MOJOW

The Yomi sofa by MOJOW


Oh So Plush Velvet Sofas

What could be more luxurious than velvet. Recently I’m hankering after a velveteen sofa that I could sink into, but what colour? From jeweled hues that dazzle to the perfectly pale – I love them all.

Where to start! This show-stopping blue sofa brings a little pizzazz to an antiqued interior

Antique round mirrors, lapis blue velvet sofa and smokey walls

Another moody room, this time matt blue walls and floor are perfectly complimented by a golden velvet coach placed at an angle

Blue walls and floor, yellow velvet sofa and dog

A cosy cat in a peachy velvet chair, could we get any more hipster!

Armchair in a dusky pink velvet with a curled up cat

This curved Chesterfield is a breath of fresh air in an icy greyed blue

Pure icy blue velvet sofa

Opulent gold looks so lavish with on a laid back sofa

opulent gold velvet sofa

Taupe shades are layered together with this deep, velvety sofa

Built in large velvet sofa in taupe

You can never have too much blue, cushions cascade to a waterfall effect

blue velvet sofa and cushions

The perfect combination of rustic wood, a woodland view and a verdant green tufted corner sofa

Light and airy modern room with wood, glass, abstract art and a green velvet sofa

A gentleman’s dressing room is set off by a dark wooden sofa upholstered in a deep luxe grey

A dark wooden dressing room with grey velvet sofa

Effortlessly elegant, this room boasts a blush pink sofa coupled with tufted rug and layered golden frames

tufted rug with layered artwork and a peachy pink velvet sofa

Oh my, black walls, tropical prints and a green velvet sofa that glows like an emerald stone

Black walls and an exotic green sofa

It may be little, but worth including in this velvet collection I think, tufted blue velvet is incased in an angular metal frame

Marbled floor, metal frame and tufted blue velvet upholstery

And finally, a orange-gold velveted chair that would be just like sinking into a sunbeam

Golden orange velvet sofar

Are you sold on velvet? I think I am.

5 of the best Chesterfield sofas

As a treat for the weekend how about a great sofa. These are 5 of the best Chesterfields that I have found. There is something about the support, the scale and the grandness of this style of sofa that makes it so desirable, and the fact that it looks like it can withstand family life.

1) Sofa bed

chesterfield sofa bed

2) Sea of blue

blue chesterfield sofa

3) Blank canvas

white chesterfield sofa

4) Lady like

velvet chesterfield

5) Tanned leather

leather chesterfield sofa