Homes by the sea

We live in Cornwall, England which really is like being on holiday all of the time. Today is a bitter cold February Friday and the sunlight streaming through the studio is just stunning. The trees and buildings are lit with a warm lime coloured light. It makes me really quite content with the world.

I live and work a few minutes by car from the sea but I am always quite envious of those who can stroll down of a morning and feel the sand between their toes. 

When it comes to seaside architecture I am torn between the cosy traditional Cornish cottage who’s thick stone walls surround you in a warm embrace, and cutting-edge glass buildings that exert their mark on the landscape. 

Cornish cottages by the sea

One of my clients at work, I am a graphic designer at Pickle Design, has holiday cottages on the Lizard and they just look so inviting. She has a small collection of Cornish homes which really do entice memories of Famous Five adventures and family picnics with epic sandcastles. 

Cosy interiors and panoramic views

Holidays by the sea

The Lizard is just the most beautiful holiday destination, I have been there only once for a holiday and wondered around Coverack, where the most of The Lizard Holiday Cottages are nestled. She also has one on the Helford River. Helford, in my opinion, is a real hidden gem. The creek carves its way through the countryside creating an atmosphere of pure holiday magic. 

Sea views of the Lizard

On a day like today it really would be beautiful. I would love to have the opportunity to design the interior of a home like these. Having the correct balance of sea side charm, modern convince and a nod to traditional Cornwall, would be important. I would say a log fire is a must and some where cosy to read a good paperback. The icing on the cake would be a view that drew the eye, always changing and inspiring.