Shoe Gazing

Well this caught my eye, do you know Atrafloor? I came across them as I was perusing the internet. Such eye-catching flooring does make you think of retro lino, true, but this is actually quite an inventive product. They custom print vinyl that is hard wearing and can pretty much have anything on it. I really like the vibrant patterns, from the illustrative to the geometric, the kid friendly to the rather chic. Here a few of my favourites:

Geometric Vinyl Flooring from Atrafloor in blue, lilac and pink

Ombré neon yellow flooring from Atrafloor

Forest green geometric flooring

Brilliantly bright patterned vinyl floor

Marble effect floor in dreamy greys and gold

Really fun kids vinyl flooring - a town map

Triangle flooring

The benefit of vinyl is that it is durable and easy to keep clean. Plus things bounce! I have a slate floor in my kitchen, and don’t I know it. As beautiful as it is I have shattered a fair few plates and glasses in my time.

I am partial to the geometric patterns. Their website says they believe floors to be generally over looked in interior design, and I’m inclined to agree, when really the possibilities are endless..


Amazing India

It has been about 8 years since I went to India, and a place like that stays with you. It was a wonderful culture shock and a whirlwind of a trip involving driving a tut tut, gazing at the Taj Mahal, almost being kidnapped, meeting amazing people, crazy trains, cows, palm trees, azure waters, coconuts and bananas and of course colour, pattern and sound! Today I fancied diving back into those exciting hues and explore some interiors inspired by India. Take a peek..

Amazingly detailed room in a ice-cream blue. I love how Indian architecture is so decorative, saturated in embellishment and exotic hues.

Amazingly detailed blue interior, India

The beauty of a hot climate is bringing the inside out, with faded pink, intricate lanterns and handmade textiles this garden is a paradise.

Indian garden in aged pink

With so much to take in it can be nice zooming in, the powder blues here magnify the skill involved in this botanical carving.

Blue carvings in an Indian pattern close up

This is very similar to a sari I have, a great way to bring some interest to window treatment.

Pink Indian textile used as a window covering

Amazingly green! So fresh and vibrant.

Emerlad green detailed Indian building

You can never have too many Indian textiles! Pile them up for visual happiness.

Orange and yellow Indian textlies

A grand Indian home edged in candy striped pink and golden yellow. Love the canopied chairs.

Covered outdoor space in India with covered seating edged in pink

There’s an old world beauty to this deep jade bathroom. Dark furniture sits alongside a myriad of pattern.

Green and blue Indian bathroom

A richly coloured room that blends brick red, turquoise, orange and gold. That bed is pretty amazing!

Orange, turquoise and brick red luxurious Indian bedroom

A brilliantly blue sun room that is as elegant as it is bold.

Indian blue interior with white doecration

This is an easy way to add some ornate interest into your home, inlaid furniture. Though upcylcing an aged chest of draws with some bright paint, a steady hand and white stencilling might do the trick (see below).

Mother of pearl inlaid blue draws

Blue draws with white Indian pattern stencil

This immensely pink interior I remember spotting in a Vogue years ago, owned by Fashion designer Liza Bruce and her artist husband.

Pink patterned Indian interior of fashion designer Liza Bruce

There is an antique shop where I live that has random richly carved Indian doors, I love running my fingers over them!

Richly curved wooden Indian door

Tangerine dreams – intricately detailed orange corridor in an Indian palace.

Immensely detailed orange interior of an Indian paalce

I love this pineapple lamp stand, a little bit of the Indian tropics!

White shade and brass palm lamp stand

Just look at the amazing detail of this room – its like a festival of colour and illustration.

Amazingly decorative Indian interior

If that is a little bit much for your happy home, how about adding some regal Indian opulence with a crushed velvet cushion.

Golden yellow velvet cushion

And finally the amazing architecture that is the pink palace in Jaipur. Sadly I never got to see this in the flesh, but my trip to India will serve as rich pickings for inspiration for many years to come. So hope I make it back!

Pink palace in Jaipur with birds in flight

The Versatility of Tiles

Its sizzling hot here is Cornwall today, lovely and very much holiday weather. It does make my toes appreciate a good, cool, slab of tile underfoot. In my kitchen its grey slate but today I am exploring geometric beauty and rich exotic shades. Tiles to me have a far away feel. I loved the ones I came across in India and Morocco. So much detail on something we just walk over.

This is how I think the universe would look if tiled. The deep inky blue is carved up with mesmerising shapes.

Complicated deep blue geometric tiles

Lovely layered tiles just like mermaid scales. Every shade is beautiful in its own right.

Beautiful tiles like mermaid scales

Pale pink patterned kitchen tiles perfectly complement copper pots, pipes and pendants!

Pale ipink pattern tiles with copper pots, pipes and light

Sky blue higgledy-piggledy tiles look so fresh and vibrant alongside the mottled white.

Hand cut sky blue and white geometric tiles

Elegant shoes for an elegant floor. These fanning mosaic tiles are just perfect.

White fan pattern with mosiac floor tiles

These must be Moroccan, jewel rich colours in intricate patterns. Its tiles like this which make maths beautiful.

Geometric intricate tiles in green, yellow blue and purple

A modern take the geometric design. These gold and grey tiles have a 3d effect with tactile surfaces to touch.

Gold and grey cube tiles with texture

The wall tiles in this bathroom catch the light adding depth and interest.

Bathroom wall tiles that catch the light

I love this depth of green, I could just dive in. Stylised blooms fit together in pleasing shades of turquoise and teal.

Teal green tiles in stylised floral forms

A feathery zig-zag in soft white and dove grey. The perfect backdrop to black taps and a marbled sink.

Bathroom tiles in stripy zig-zags with a pendant light and a marble sink

Giant geometric floor tiles impress in terracotta, grey, pink and black.

Terracotta, pink, grey and black huge floor tiles

Little blue square tiles carry a mesmerising sun pattern.

Little square tiles in blue with white sun pattern

This ice-white snowflake pattern looks very luxurious, with shimmering grey diamonds.

Snowflake pattern in white tiles

An easy way to add some glam to the bathroom, these large white tiles shimmer with an intricate gold pattern. Love the fittings too!

Large white tiles with gold geometric pattern on top

Here we have the same interlocking hexagon design but first in forest green, white and black while the second is more subtle using a blush pink, a slight grey and deep blue. I love the effect.

Overlapping geometric patterned tiles in green, black and white

Geometric tiles in overlapping shapes

And to finish off this tiling collection we have mosaic squares framed in black, complete with silver sandals!

Square patterned mosaic floor tiles

Adventures in Chinoiserie

The leaves may be begging to fall off the trees but I want to hold onto the blooms  of summer and spring, so today my offering is full of chinoiserie. The style is mainly found in stately European homes and dates back to the seventeenth century. Chinoiserie reflected the exotic orient, Chinese blossoms and asymmetric sweeping branches in bloom with lacquer and shine. I think this opulent style of decoration can work just as well in a small modern home. It can add a little finesse and glow, a lovely antidote to the sometimes cold ice-white interiors.

To dip your toe into this exotic decorating style, try adding a piece of furniture and stick with a simple colour theme.

Blue walls and green oriental furniture

Or plunge right in! Isn’t this amazing? Imagine being a child in this place, your very own interior forest!!

Beautiful tree covered gold walls

The impact of this wallpaper is quite impressive! Probably it is a good thing it is placed behind the bed though, I might not sleep.

Bamboo four poster bed with giant plant wallpaper

I love the idea of doing it yourself, you can actually buy this wardrobe ready painted, and it is gorgeous, but with some wallpaper or clever painting you could transform dreary old scuffed furniture to a piece with a story to tell.

chinoiserie wardrobe in blue

If we are thinking old school then few beat the warmth of this cosy red chinoiserie room, comfortably layered.

Richly decorated home with red chinoiserie walls 

The immense beauty of the rose-copper hue in this wall is breathtaking, imagine this room bathed in late summer light.

silk chinoiserie set off by red stool

For a little more white I love this silvered interior. The blue blossoms add character to an open space.

Silver and berry hues interior

Try contemporary and contained. Even a Scandinavian inspired interior benefits from botanical blooms.

chinoiserie in a panel

A panel is a great way to add some chinoiserie style cheaply, especially if you are renting and can’t wallpaper.

Contemporary natural interior with framed wallpaper

I would so love this room to be mine. Despite the mix of pattern it seems so tranquil and inspiring, to curl up with a book or to sit and write would be a dream!

chinoiserie in green with dark wood

Chinoiserie is ripe for contrast. The intense blue works so well against the pale salmon pink and gilded wood.

pink panelled walls with blue chinoiserie

So many happy colours, who could be dreary in this room?!

Brightly coloured scenes on walls

What indulgence! A pink velvet sofa perfectly accents the turquoise chinoiserie walls.

Pink sofa and turquoise chinoiserie walls

Less fluid and natural but equally as exotic, the blue and white walls depict ceramics and furniture in a busy but lovely pattern. A red lacquered cabinet stands out a treat.

Blue ceramic inspired chinoiserie

Forget walls, think screens. Nothing says old glamour like an ornate screen. The lemon yellow and white combination freshen this traditional wooden panelled room.

Old but comfortable interior

Finally embrace the darker side of interior design with this lovely night time scene. Boats and lanterns look ideal for a little cloakroom where you can be bold and interesting.

Dark chinese inspired wallpaper in cloakroom

What a selection! So what do you think?