Stunning Loft Conversions

Loft extensions

The Art of Bespoke recently run a feature on the benefits of loft conversions, with Mark Ruthven of Studio Mark Ruthven and Nick Scannell of Belsize Architects providing insights into the process, so I picked out a few of the highlights. Hard to believe all the space and light created in these conversions!

Loft extensions are increasingly attractive as an option to improve homes for a variety of reasons, and they don’t only have to supply just an additional bedroom with intelligent planning.

Spacious loft conversion

Getting permission for loft extensions is usually painless as the lawful development can be applied for, which is often easier to obtain than full planning permission. There is a restriction of 2.3m minimum height at the highest point so adding dormer window will increase the usable area. It also has the advantage of supplying natural light, which is often an issue with this kind of conversion. It is best to add the window at the back of the house as creating one in the front can be subject to planning restrictions.

Contemporary loft conversion

Read the full article here with more industry advice and examples of excellent conversions.