The Writing’s on the Wall

When I was little a had a lovely bedroom, with an engaging freeze of alphabet letters all around my tiny room. For some reason I started reminiscing about my little room of peach and grey with Laura Ashly floral wallpaper, and it got me thinking, what alphabet options do we have for nurseries today? Oh and there really are some beauties! Take a look at my favourites…

I love this idea, alphabet cards pegged on a line! Fun colours too.

Illustrated alphabet cards hung in a children's room

I would love to illustrate my own!

Colourful abc pegged up in children's room

Make it monochrome with black and white wallpaper and lovely doodles.

Blackboard style wallpaper with illustrations and alphabet

You can’t go wrong with squidge, grey crocheted letters that are huggably good.

ideal for a nursery, grey crochet alphabet

Anything with an embroidery hoop I love, these appliqué letters are no exception.

Embroidery hoop framed abc

For a more neutral take, I love the white letters acting as a freeze.

Rain drop vinyl, hot air baloon, loly pop art and alphabet white wooden letter freeze in children's room

Or perhaps something like this, a white chest of draws up-cycled to be tactile fun.

Up-cycled draws with white letters

Not technically decor, but aren’t these brilliant? Wooden alphabet blocks with letters and sign language.

wooden blocks with sign language and letters

What a great idea, a giant magnetic letter wall!

Children's letter wall with magnetic letters

Or these lovely draws which have a deep richness with chunky wooden letters varying in size.

Wooden draws with alphabet letters

Creative ways with the alphabet! Nurseries can be such fun.


10 Seriously Great Kid’s Rooms

Often I think children get the better deal when it comes to home decor. Their’s are the interiors that dreams are made of! I am torn between the understated modern white rooms with pops of personality or the theme-tastic play spaces that demand a serious wow. Here is my pick, see what you think..

1) This look would work great in a rental, simple white walls with a precise colour palette layered to add personality.

Blue, red and green colour scheme for kids room

2) These nautical themed bunk beds are great! I love the rigging doubling as a safety barrier and the anchor is a cute touch.

Boat inspired kids room

3) It is all in the details, these shelves from Ikea are brilliantly incorporated into floating clouds for a child’s room.

Cloud shelves in kids room

4) I love the charm of this little boys room. Monochrome touches and a nod to vintage make this a really cool and fun space. I so love that car!

Monochrome children's room inspiration

5) For the little girl who has dreamed of being a princess how about her own castle. Such a clever use of space, the two levels are great, perfect for Rapunzel or Romeo and Juliet!

Castle turret in kids room

6) Brilliantly organised space with a great little slide!

Little slide in kids room

7) This woodland themed room is so magical and avoids looking twee.

Nursery with tree wallpaper

Woodland themed room with branch clothes rail

Children's rooms with woodland theme

8) A tent bed adds a new dimension in this fresh kids room.

Brilliant idea for a kids room, tent bed

9) Romance and comfort reign in this feminine room. Really it is all about that tufted bed in a fruity raspberry red!

Kids room with cool red bed

10) And finally, I adore these chest of drawers with embossed alphabet letters. The house-shaped bed is cleverly understated and could easily be draped in fabric for a den or fairy lights.

Kids room with white alphabet draws

So what do you think? Loads of great inspiration for children’s rooms – fun, contemporary and full of little ways to personalise a room to be just as unique as your child is!

Top 10 Minuscule Bedrooms

Tiny homes are all the rage but the trick I think is to give the illusion of space. The easiest to realise perhaps is the bedroom, a room where cosy is an advantage. Though having said that the bedroom does need to be multifunctional – perhaps to cater for a couple, or a playroom, dressing room, siblings, study and sometimes a dog!

These are some tiny bedrooms done well. What’s key is maximising space so every corner utilised with hidden storage – think tall rather than long and definitely make the most of the features you have. See what you think, could you have sweet dreams in any of these little spaces?

1) What a clever room. It uses stripes to add width and creates a space that is quite grown up and sophisticated. Don’t be afraid to use large pieces of furniture, but make them work for you.

Two beds in the eves with a nautical theme

2) This room is so charming, the purple painted wood, large fireplace and stacked books look so inviting. Why this room works is the continuity of colour, a bright window and using the full height of the room.

Charming traditional small bedroom

3) Here we have a children’s room that could easily work as a child matures. Plenty of white bounces the light around and touches like a little bedside table actually help this room look spacious.

Great small space solutions for children

4) This sophisticated small space is really clever. Helped by a giant window, some classy decor, a tented ceiling and pinstripe walls. Here they have also maximised the space with shelves. A great reading nook day-bed come night-time hideaway.

Grown up alcove bed

5) I love the clouds! This would make a great teen room. If you have a narrow space make it work for you with a built in bed and handy storage.

Making a narrow bedroom work for you

6) Wow this is minuscule living! Perfect if you are the kind of person who spends more on books then dresses.

Small bedroom for two

7) Just to prove that minimal white is not the only way to go, be bold and wallpaper with purpose! Adding in the stripes and sticking to just two colours this room is relaxing rather than migraine-making.

Wallpapered small room

8) Uber-smart, how about a raised bed? You could be on top of the world with this bedroom and I think the lighting helps to make this an interesting space rather than a dark cave.

Small room solution, raised platform bed

9) Keeping the colours to black and white this little room rocks casual cool. A mix of patterns, a clever light and makeshift bedside table are cleverly fitted in this small space.

tiny room in monochrome

10) Finally a kids room that really has interest. Dinosaur door handles on cupboards, built in desk and a simple colour palette, this interior works.

Small but well laid out kids room

With a small room there is actually so much scope. It is just a case of being smart with what you have and I think if you decorate a small space purposefully it can be the jewel in your home crown.