Time for the Serene

Today I am feeling green, in particular that verdigris, aged shade. Be that Farrow and Ball’s Arsenic or Little Greene’s Verditer, I love it. Not as harsh as emerald can be, or as clean-cut as, say, apple. Its bright and warm and slightly, just slightly, sinister.

Jade green, arsenic and verditer interiors. The old and decay and the modern and fresh

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Paired with a Seventies mustard and copious amounts of books, delicate embellishments, deep dark wood and Regency plaster.

Collection of green interiors, art nouveau and painted wood

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Visions of green from rustic wardrobes to rooms contrasted with pink. Painted wooden hideaways to embellished Victorian interiors and dreamy textiles.

The soft green of Van Gogh, period bedrooms and wallpapered doors

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A perfectly optimistic bedroom, wallpapered doors with a Deco feel and the distinct green of Vincent van Gogh.

Sea glass green walls with a pink door, painted bedroom woodwork, green blue bath tub and an open door on to a green and red room

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Antique-filled boudoir, a fresh verdigris backdrop for jewel-like tones, a calming tub at home in nature and peering into a red and green room.

William Morris, green with candy stripe pink, a modern kitchen and a manor house in green and gold
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William Morris celebrates nature with his intertwined foliage, candy stripe pink lifts a gentle green room. Modern kitchen units add a sleekness to our shade, and gold edging helps this interior scream ‘Lord of the manor’.

Green front door with gold lion knockers, green upholstery, green Victorian patterns and modern green room

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Such impressive doors! Love the gold lions. A satisfying combination of textiles and shades. Victorian patterns and a modern room with hints of tangerine and raspberry.



The Green Room

Its that breath of fresh air, green. It can be cooling, contemplative as well as bold and elegant or perhaps brash. I think the reason we love it so is because nature is so liberally painted with it, in broad varied strokes. Bringing green in the home feels, well, natural.

Not entirely sure where this colour fits, lets sit on the fence and call it blue-green. I always love a bit of wood panelling (as you can tell).

Wonderfully natural wooden paneling in a softly blue green

I don’t know if I would be bold enough to paint a wall in such a rich shade of forest green. I love the effect though, set off nicely by brass and a sumptuous tufted velvet settee.

Rich forest green walls and velvet sette

A fresh look, a geometric mural in soft green, a slight blue and a rose tinted white. The Mid Century Modern touches are lovely.

Dining table by a geometirc green wall

Golden orbs hang from chalky green walls and ceiling. Copper letters shimmer, all grounded with denim blues and a parquet floor.

Green walls in a cool restaurant Zona

What a peaceful spot, a sleeping nook with botanical touches. The carved wood is just lovely.

Botanical feeling room like stepping back in time

Sage green stairs in the perfect shade. I love them against that paper bag, I think a putty pink would be a nice complementary colour.

White wooden walls and a light green painted staircase

What an idea, pairing chalky black walls with grass green curtains! It works though, complete with a showpiece chandelier to boot.

Ornate gold chandelier with black walls and green curtains

The same emerald green here acts as backdrop for a refined floral chair.

Floral white coach with a rustic bright green wooden wall

Something about these elements would look just as happy with a great master’s muse sitting just so. The grey-green walls and worn wood are a welcome combo.

Cafe with green walls and simple wooden furniture

Achingly rich green is lavished on a wall of cupboards.

A storage wall in deep blue-green

Something about this image is very reassuring, a stripy green coach with giant cushion sits in front of a verdant green wall. It proudly displays slightly ancient botanical prints. Not too formal, a little shabby to go along with that chic.

green pinstripe settee with aged botanical prints on a grass green wall

Our final thought uses matt shades in a new Shaker style. The charcoal grey, mint green and milky lime are a soothing blend in a space that feels old and new. In the best kind of way.

Kitchen in green and charcoal

Green With Envy

Today looking out our studio window it feels like I am in a rain forrest. The birds are chirping and the trees and flowers are glossy from rain. Everything looks so green and lush. I am always drawn to those deep hues with their watery intenseness. I have found some really beautiful ceramic walls and floors, green tiles that capture my imagination and hopefully yours!

What a space! The shimmering green floor beautifully complements the greenery which really blends with the distinct chandelier.

Watery green tiles

A perfect mix of forest green and burnished gold.

Green tiles with gold taps

Love this serene space. The huge chunky sink wall mounted in a wood lined recess is beautifully clean and contemporary, but its the mini circle green tiles that I am drawn to most.

Vanity sink with small green circular tiles

For more drama, how about these deep green geometric tiles. Quite a luxurious space to escape to.

Pristine white bath surrounded by dark green geometric tiles

Oh I love this colour palette, soft pastel greens almost shimmer in this shower. Reminiscent of sea breezes and salty ocean spray.

Soft green bathroom tiles

Oh so much happy colour! Moroccan jade green plates matching herringbone floor tiles are all set off by delicious pink walls.

Green tiles and crockery with pink walls

Lovely honeycomb hexagon tiles with flashes of gold and salmon pink.

Hexagon wall and floor tiles

Yes this image is far from luxurious, and a little battered but I love the chipped green woodwork revealing the warm gold wood behind, and white and green herringbone tiles. Oh and the lazy cat too.

Green and white floor tiles and a lazy cat

For the kitchen, how about soft green tiles paired with butchers block worktops. A style that happily marries vintage and contemporary.

Brickwork style tiles in the kitchen

For a retro feel how about green splodges? In a small space I think these could work well.

White tiles with green blogs

Contemporary cool. Beautiful dusky blue woodwork and geometric floor tiles in white, green and dark blue. A great twist on the traditional Victorian entrance hall.

Entry way with modern tiles

Or how about a beautiful mosaic? This shimmering wall is very Art Deco and just feels so old Hollywood glamour.

Art Deco inspired mosaic

Long slender tiles in sea green look great with these orange kitchen units.

Sea green landscape tiles with orange kitchen units

The beautiful pattern on these tiles would look great in my home.

Moroccan pattern tiles

Yes I am slightly obsessed with these green floor tiles. Perhaps they just communicated exotic warm climates and that great feel of cool tiles on bare feet.

Herringbone green floor tiles

Hope you have enjoyed this little collection and are feeling inspired for your home!

Small Garden Ideas

The sun is out in our corner of Cornwall and I am enjoying watching the butterflies mingle and dance through the foliage. It reminds me that any form of greenery is such a joy to behold. No matter how little your garden you can get some green therapy too. Too many people I know, me included, only really use part of their garden, tending to look at it rather than enjoy being in it. So what makes a successful small garden? These are some examples of outdoor spaces that really work. I am already feeling motivated!

Dress you garden like you would dress a room. Consider the furniture, the materials and its purpose. Living in England means you really have to consider the elements and choose your materials accordingly. I like how this garden uses stone, wicker, metal and wood with a real variety of shapes and height.

Small garden inspiration

With the garden below I like how they only use green foliage but still successfully zone areas with levels and different divides. I can’t help thinking of gardens like I do interiors, and this garden reads like a house. You have the corridor that climbs with a lovely wooden floor, the boxy green hedging like tufted textiles and the laid back seating for the ‘lounge’ with further up a dining area. Nicely done.

giving height to the garden

We all know how well water works in the garden – I would say even more so in a small space. You can be instantly transported out of the urban sprawl to a babbling brook in a meadow somewhere or a perhaps the wilds of Japan. This garden uses dappled delicate colour to create a serene space.

Little oasis in the garden

If your space is long and narrow then maybe try maximising the diagonal of your garden. This garden draws the eye and I love the bulging borders!

Narrow garden with paving and planting

Consider lighting, highlight levels and view points. Make your garden a completely different space at dusk or night. This roof terrace handles light well, uplighting the trees and using full beams of light to mark the change in levels.

Small gardens clever lighting

There is so much about this garden I love, the use of paint and colour complementing the olive leaves, how the trees are contained and the soft furnishings. This garden is also really private without feeling hemmed in. The chalky tones complement each other so well. I think a splash of red flowers might be nice.

Olive trees in raised beds in this private garden

How to describe what I love about this garden, its attitude I think. Just such a simple, cool space. I love the rough painted brick wall and how the wooden fence, benches and planters add length with their lines, and that pendant light just looks really sleek. Black wire chairs and a wild garden at the end finish the design off perfectly, very nicely done!

Well lit contemporary patio design

Of course there is always the bold option! This garden has curves galore, very contemporary and it pretty much has everything, sitting, eating and even a space to dip a toe.

Curves galore in this small garden layout

What do you think? I am ready to embrace curves and bring the inside, out.