The Gallery Wall

I am so glad gallery walls exist. I have so many pictures and it is the best way to enjoy them all at once. From postcards I’ve picked up from art exhibitions to one of a kind etchings brought back from foreign climes or the prized scribblings of a child.

There are some rules you can abide to when making chaos look elegant. A little bit of grouping helps. By which I mean similarly coloured frames, selecting a theme like botanical prints or by sticking to a formula. Follow the line of the wall or perhaps create a little cloud cluster.

Simple gallery wallSimple colour palette and white frames create a uniformed interior

One of the best ways to make the wall look purposeful and not cluttered is to have similar ‘white’ space or gaps between. You could achieve this by laying all your pictures on the floor to get an idea and then recreate this pattern on your wall, but I think using paper props is best. Cut the paper to the size of your picture and mark where the nail would go. Then arrange them on the wall, and probably rearrange a few times – and then all you need do is hammer in the nails to create you very own display. What is lovely about this kind of styling is the personal nature, let your personality shine through.

Classical pictures in black, gold and whitePictures on the Classical theme with similar ornate frames 

Consistant sized pictures on this gallery wallOrdered frames work well with black and white photographs in a minimal space

Modern interior with a gallery wall
A tall cluster of pictures brings the eye up and creates height 

Thematic gallery wallBeautiful collated objects and pictures of all sizes come together masterfully here

Gallery wall on a themePick a theme and stick to it – let your passion enjoy centre stage

Gallery wall of album covers
Gallery walls don’t have to be just pictures, try grouping record covers 

Eclectic gallery wallMake the most the of every space – include the TV too!

Using embroidery hopes as picture framesOne of my favourite gallery walls uses embroidery hoops – scraps of fabric can find a purpose again.