Shoe Gazing

Well this caught my eye, do you know Atrafloor? I came across them as I was perusing the internet. Such eye-catching flooring does make you think of retro lino, true, but this is actually quite an inventive product. They custom print vinyl that is hard wearing and can pretty much have anything on it. I really like the vibrant patterns, from the illustrative to the geometric, the kid friendly to the rather chic. Here a few of my favourites:

Geometric Vinyl Flooring from Atrafloor in blue, lilac and pink

Ombré neon yellow flooring from Atrafloor

Forest green geometric flooring

Brilliantly bright patterned vinyl floor

Marble effect floor in dreamy greys and gold

Really fun kids vinyl flooring - a town map

Triangle flooring

The benefit of vinyl is that it is durable and easy to keep clean. Plus things bounce! I have a slate floor in my kitchen, and don’t I know it. As beautiful as it is I have shattered a fair few plates and glasses in my time.

I am partial to the geometric patterns. Their website says they believe floors to be generally over looked in interior design, and I’m inclined to agree, when really the possibilities are endless..


The Versatility of Tiles

Its sizzling hot here is Cornwall today, lovely and very much holiday weather. It does make my toes appreciate a good, cool, slab of tile underfoot. In my kitchen its grey slate but today I am exploring geometric beauty and rich exotic shades. Tiles to me have a far away feel. I loved the ones I came across in India and Morocco. So much detail on something we just walk over.

This is how I think the universe would look if tiled. The deep inky blue is carved up with mesmerising shapes.

Complicated deep blue geometric tiles

Lovely layered tiles just like mermaid scales. Every shade is beautiful in its own right.

Beautiful tiles like mermaid scales

Pale pink patterned kitchen tiles perfectly complement copper pots, pipes and pendants!

Pale ipink pattern tiles with copper pots, pipes and light

Sky blue higgledy-piggledy tiles look so fresh and vibrant alongside the mottled white.

Hand cut sky blue and white geometric tiles

Elegant shoes for an elegant floor. These fanning mosaic tiles are just perfect.

White fan pattern with mosiac floor tiles

These must be Moroccan, jewel rich colours in intricate patterns. Its tiles like this which make maths beautiful.

Geometric intricate tiles in green, yellow blue and purple

A modern take the geometric design. These gold and grey tiles have a 3d effect with tactile surfaces to touch.

Gold and grey cube tiles with texture

The wall tiles in this bathroom catch the light adding depth and interest.

Bathroom wall tiles that catch the light

I love this depth of green, I could just dive in. Stylised blooms fit together in pleasing shades of turquoise and teal.

Teal green tiles in stylised floral forms

A feathery zig-zag in soft white and dove grey. The perfect backdrop to black taps and a marbled sink.

Bathroom tiles in stripy zig-zags with a pendant light and a marble sink

Giant geometric floor tiles impress in terracotta, grey, pink and black.

Terracotta, pink, grey and black huge floor tiles

Little blue square tiles carry a mesmerising sun pattern.

Little square tiles in blue with white sun pattern

This ice-white snowflake pattern looks very luxurious, with shimmering grey diamonds.

Snowflake pattern in white tiles

An easy way to add some glam to the bathroom, these large white tiles shimmer with an intricate gold pattern. Love the fittings too!

Large white tiles with gold geometric pattern on top

Here we have the same interlocking hexagon design but first in forest green, white and black while the second is more subtle using a blush pink, a slight grey and deep blue. I love the effect.

Overlapping geometric patterned tiles in green, black and white

Geometric tiles in overlapping shapes

And to finish off this tiling collection we have mosaic squares framed in black, complete with silver sandals!

Square patterned mosaic floor tiles

Rolling Out The Carpet

Time to consider rugs. I like a wooden floor as much as the next person, and I can go cuckoo for some polished concrete, but in these winter months a rug is what my toes crave. When I visited Morocco a few years ago (how time flies!) the sheer variety of beautiful carpets blew me away. From intense blue intricate motifs to traditional geometric reds. For this Friday afternoon I have collected a few interiors that wear the rug well..

Start with tradition – this is where you would expect to find a rug, in a hallway, but what I love here is the simple palette of naturals with black and white. The rug leads the eye and grounds a white space.

Black and white entry with geometric rug

In a dark interior you need a little comfort, the rich grey/blue walls here are helped along by an ancient-looking berry red rug. I love how it lifts the atmosphere.

Charcole blue walls with floral accents and red worn rug

A large yellow rug (complete with pooch) warms up a cool palette.

Art on the walls, green vase, yellow geometric rug and little dog

Not your traditional bathroom rug but I love the rich red geometric shapes that add interest to a sophisticated space.

Black subway tiles with Persian red carpets in the bathroom

This London home is beautifully put together with a large modern rug that I’d happily shed my shoes for.

A collated space with a large simple black and white rug

More is more in this personalised stairway. Books, art, tiny shoes, and a richly patterned ethnic rug.

Diddy shoes on the stairs, traditional rug and roses in this entry way

This retro room boast a giant yellow sinkable rug that brings the sunshine in.

1970s style lounge with giant soft yellow rug

A mottled grey rug helps with the ‘zoning’ in this living room. The gorgeous landscape on the wall caught my eye too.

Zoning with a modern rug

An intense palette of deep blue, jade green and an eye-popping yellow all come together for a corner-come-office. A pattern rug with a Greek feel neatly fits underfoot.

Yellow accents, deep blue walls and a dark wooden desk

Honeycomb blue fits in nicely to a white washed room with stacks of books and a black leather couch.

Book shelves, black leather coach and a blue modern rug

And to end with a slice of calm, if in doubt go neutral. Layer textures and patterns in similar shades to capture that illusive serenity.

Geometric rug in natural colours with a wooden chair and cushion

I hope you enjoyed this little look down, happy weekend!

Green With Envy

Today looking out our studio window it feels like I am in a rain forrest. The birds are chirping and the trees and flowers are glossy from rain. Everything looks so green and lush. I am always drawn to those deep hues with their watery intenseness. I have found some really beautiful ceramic walls and floors, green tiles that capture my imagination and hopefully yours!

What a space! The shimmering green floor beautifully complements the greenery which really blends with the distinct chandelier.

Watery green tiles

A perfect mix of forest green and burnished gold.

Green tiles with gold taps

Love this serene space. The huge chunky sink wall mounted in a wood lined recess is beautifully clean and contemporary, but its the mini circle green tiles that I am drawn to most.

Vanity sink with small green circular tiles

For more drama, how about these deep green geometric tiles. Quite a luxurious space to escape to.

Pristine white bath surrounded by dark green geometric tiles

Oh I love this colour palette, soft pastel greens almost shimmer in this shower. Reminiscent of sea breezes and salty ocean spray.

Soft green bathroom tiles

Oh so much happy colour! Moroccan jade green plates matching herringbone floor tiles are all set off by delicious pink walls.

Green tiles and crockery with pink walls

Lovely honeycomb hexagon tiles with flashes of gold and salmon pink.

Hexagon wall and floor tiles

Yes this image is far from luxurious, and a little battered but I love the chipped green woodwork revealing the warm gold wood behind, and white and green herringbone tiles. Oh and the lazy cat too.

Green and white floor tiles and a lazy cat

For the kitchen, how about soft green tiles paired with butchers block worktops. A style that happily marries vintage and contemporary.

Brickwork style tiles in the kitchen

For a retro feel how about green splodges? In a small space I think these could work well.

White tiles with green blogs

Contemporary cool. Beautiful dusky blue woodwork and geometric floor tiles in white, green and dark blue. A great twist on the traditional Victorian entrance hall.

Entry way with modern tiles

Or how about a beautiful mosaic? This shimmering wall is very Art Deco and just feels so old Hollywood glamour.

Art Deco inspired mosaic

Long slender tiles in sea green look great with these orange kitchen units.

Sea green landscape tiles with orange kitchen units

The beautiful pattern on these tiles would look great in my home.

Moroccan pattern tiles

Yes I am slightly obsessed with these green floor tiles. Perhaps they just communicated exotic warm climates and that great feel of cool tiles on bare feet.

Herringbone green floor tiles

Hope you have enjoyed this little collection and are feeling inspired for your home!