Colour in the Kitchen

Fresh off the back of my India post, I’m still feeling the colour. Today I have turned my focus to kitchens. At home, my kitchen is in a cherry wood style with white mosaic tiles held in place with orange grout. It works but it wasn’t my choice, its how the kitchen was when I moved in. I fill it with colourful finds and happy patterns. On the notice board I pin illustrations I have drawn, or postcards I have collected. There is the vintage blue scales that were my grans, my nan’s ceramic salt and pepper and a wooden dresser piled high with teacups and patterned bowls. My ideal kitchen would be a mix of wood and white. Light, bright with clean lines and colourful flourishes and accents. When I cook, which I love to do, I like my food to look colourful, a little bit of everything goes on my fork – textures, colours, smells – in perfect balance. I think I like my kitchen to be like that too. Here are some kitchen’s that I’m enjoying today.

The best thing about my kitchen at home is the view! Gorgeous green hills fill my window. I like in this kitchen how the green foliage becomes part of the colour scheme. Adding a rug is an easy way to bring the colour.

Light and bright white kitchen with rug

Who doesn’t love a Smeg fridge, and in vibrant orange this one brings the joy! The wooden floor, Victorian style radiator and light shade are all things I love.

Orange Smeg fridge in a mix and match kitchen

Ultra sleek and ultra modern, grey tames this glowing yellow splash-back.

Grey and cupboards with yellow illuminated splash back

What a creative space, they make great use of the height with layered artworks and I love the mug hooks.

Two little girls in an ecclectic kitchen full of green vegetables and colourful art.

This kitchen has that Scandinavian calm. Mint green units are satisfyingly chunky, together with light wood and ample helpings of white.

Modern Scandinavian style kitchen with large pale green doors and white moasic tiles

This kitchen is like visiting an art gallery. I love the forest green units, brass handles and marble counter tops. The drama of dark kitchen’s always draws me in, but I don’t think I could have one – I need the light. It is so sophisticated though.

Oil painting art in a dark green kitchen with marble counter tops

Green is the colour of choice here too. A more industrial and rustic vibe. The island unit I love, and the concrete and wood dining table.

green industrail style kitchen with mis-matched chairs, plants and wooden furniture

I like the wooden in this kitchen, just the right amount of honey and grain. White counter tops gleam and the yellow stools just make me happy. Its the simple things!

Wood, white and yellow kitchen

This is pretty perfect – the long table, low lights, acres of books and framed prints just all work wonderfully.

Industrial chic kitchen with black units and white painted brick wall

This diddy kitchen maximises the limited space with sea green units and cream framed windows. The light streams in and what is essentially a corridor looks inviting.

Gally kitchen in a sea green with cream and lots of glass

A shelf window allows a plentiful supply of herbs. Lovely wooden counter tops and painted units make washing up less of a chore.

Wooden worktops with grey cupboards and potted herbs around the window

And finally, another flash of yellow! You can never underestimate the power of a lick of paint. Enjoy.

Yellow painted unit in a bohemian kitchen


What Do I Do With All Those Books?

So it isn’t Spring, but I am yearning for a sort out. One thing I have in abundance is books, and so many still unread. Rather than passing some of them on (I do very much believe in sharing what I have) I would like to store them in a better way than they are currently – which is everywhere!

Like many people my house is small, but if you can get creative there really is no end to how you can display these windows to another world. I am a dangerous combination of eclectic and sentimental. I have books where I just like the cover, books that have been recommended, books I read as a child and books that just smell and feel plain great.

I have compiled some rather tempting home libraries that help me feel justified in keeping my growing hord, see what you think…

Lets start with the dream – if you could you know you would, my childhood self would just adore a tree-filled library.

Tree lined dark living room with book shelves

The hidden room – I love the colour of these shelves, the perfect backdrop to all those vibrant spines.

Secret library door in a bookcase

If space is tight then I love the idea of shelves-come seats, and with a view like this I might be torn for where to look, out the window or the pages of my book.

Sea view and a space to read a good book

Over the years I have wondered around many an English country house with libraries worthy of a novel. This room is elegant, well proportioned and the books look old enough to have seen a thing or two.

Traditional sitting room with ancient books

Now this is a room my mum would covet, she is most definitely a colour coordinator. She loves ordering items by colour of the room – yellow for the yellow room etc. These white shelves house a rainbow that is really pleasing to the eye. The furniture is fun too!

Rainbow coloured books in white shelves

I am always wooed by green, and this little reading nook just looks so inviting.

Bookshelves form a little alcove to read in

For some calming white I do like these shelves. It would be guess work what book to pick but I love the varying horizontals of the pages.

The many shades of white - books around a door

Or alternatively, for a little space, these shelves work perfectly tuck away under the stairs. They create a calming piece of personal space.

Bookshelves and seat under the stairs

Granted there are very little books in these shelves but I love the indulgence of the rich dark colours. Painting the inside of your shelves can add another layer to the room. The darkness makes me want to curl up with a book and say goodbye world, just for a little while.

Rich dark interior with fireplace, chair and shelves

Everything is better in the round, ask Shakespeare. Though this wood is a little too orange for me, but painted in a powder blue or and chalky white this space would sing. You can see the craftsmanship and detail, a truly lovely space.

Round room with library and balcony

Such a well balanced space. The orange and blue work so well together, bold but in my book, beautiful.

Blue panneled walls with built in bookshelves


Hanging Bedside Lights

A trend which is one I quite love at the moment are hanging bedside lights. As long as there is no risk of me banging my head as I fall out of bed in the morning, they sound great to me!

Suspended lights add a real modern edge to a room. That laid back ‘oh I just threw it all together’ thing that looks so appealing. Here are a few that have captured my attention…

A beautiful bulb simply done.

Suspended light bulb by the bed

I am in love with this stunning shade – geometric and metallic and with a red cord!

Bedside lamp suspended with metal shade

Ideal where space is tight, the single black line of the cord curves the white wall up perfectly.

Suspended light bulb in the bedroom

Granted there is quite a lot going on in this room, but I do like the wire cage lights.

Bedside lamps suspended with wire shade

The beauty with these lights is you can make them yourself, adding your personal flare. This copper piping suspended light does feel like you could have a rummage in the garden shed and hey presto!

Suspended bedside light with pipe

What a great idea – a pulley to alter the height of your bedside light. I think this would look even better if the shade was a paper globe!

Suspended lamp on pully by the bed

And finally this adorable matching pair started life a candle holders. I love the copper frame. All they need now is some smooth circular bulbs to glow inside.

Copper wire pendant lights for the bedroom

What do you think – a trend that is here to stay?

Superb Sinks

I think the wonder of a bathroom is that it is a small enough area to go a little crazy, to let your creative hair down and just go for it! This week I am considering the sink. The simplest of functions really, to bathe, to splash, to hold water, but quite key to the bathroom.

In the kitchen too the sink is vital. Trust me, from living with a frustrating sink, good design is as important here as in anywhere. I have collated some truly beautiful examples o this humble interior element – from the uncompromisingly modern to the trusted and traditional, and a few more eyebrow raising finds to make us smile!


A great place to start, simple clean lines are coupled with rustic tiles and keep this bathroom feeling contemporary and well thought through.

Pattern tiles with clean white sink

For unrivalled elegance this black sink is beautiful. The water pours away to the right following the slope.

Sleek black sink

In a similar vein we have this double sink, minimal form in stylish matt black.

Sleek black double sinks

For that Deco charm and quality textures, I just love the glamour of this copper sink.

Copper, marble and matt back sink unit

To the kitchen, actually everything about this wooden kitchen I love, especially the weathered sink.

Dark metal sink

A contour sink is quite a statement! I love the fluid lines, almost as if we are viewing a landscape from a bird’s eye view.

Statement white contour sink

Ornate detailing on this sink would look striking in an exotic decorated bathroom, or alternatively in a stark monochrome space.

Detail embossed metal sink

You can’t go far wrong with the classic Belfast sink. I always wanted one of these as a child, strange thing to desire when one is so young!

Sink ideal for contemporary or traditional setting

For dramatic texture try a concrete sink, though it does remind me a little of an animal feeding trough, beautiful though!

Large concrete bathroom sink

And finally, what a great idea! A sink stand can really be made out of anything, including a bike.

Very clever up-cycled bike sink

J’adore Paris

What is it about Paris that encourages romance so? From the flaky pastries to the effortlessly chic females on the Champs-Élysées and the bijou but beau interiors – Paris has it. Here are some homes that look so inviting they have captured my heart, well a girl can dream..

These shots are from the apartment of Ramdane and Victoire, a brilliantly brought together family space with that Parisian flare.

The view in a Paris apartmentParis apartment with balcony and view of the Eiffel tower

This thoroughly modern but homely apartment belongs to architect Joseph Dirand. Lovely choices of materials and textures layer to make a home of real beauty.

Stylish galley kitchenBeautiful bedroom in ParisParis apartment lounge

For high glam and drama how about the Paris duplex of Stefano Pilati designed by architect Bruno Caron. And may I say I think that is the most glam shower I have ever seen!!

Dramatic study in Paris duplex  Very luxurious shower in Paris duplexDelightful dining room with woodland scene on the walls

Can you get more elegant than Coco Chanel’s Paris getaway?

Coco Chanel's Paris apartmentVery opulent Coco Chanel's Paris apartment

This final image pretty much captures it – ornate architectural details and soft stylish glamour make Paris life so enticing. I hope you have enjoyed the images, please click on one to see its source.

Paris interior with soft shades of pink

The wonders of wood – 11 of the best wooden panelled interiors

white wooden panelled walls

Ornate green wooden walls

I have a soft spot for wooden panelled interiors. Perhaps it is because I am British, and therefore love a period drama – especially with some moody lighting, delightful attire and seriously grand wooden panelling. I thought I would compile some interiors that really rock the wooden look. Don’t get me wrong too much wooden panelling can definitely be a bad thing. You don’t want your home resembling a Swedish sauna.

Bright and airy wooden panelling

grand grey panelling

Deep dark wooden walls in stunning interior

When wood can become over powering then applying chalky paint in light natural tones can claim back the lost light, and really transform the space. Or if you do happen to have grandiose proportions then moody blues and charcoal greys are the way to go. Alternatively pick a room that can handle a bold statement like a cloakroom or bathroom.

Large modern paneling for bathroom

wooden walls that make a statement by undulating

For a more modern look try wide panels in red toned woods. A reclaimed wooden wall can work great in a teenage bedroom, or just paint your panels white and dress with statement contemporary furniture.

White washed wooden wall in bedroom

Warmth and colour created by miss matched wood

White painted wooden panelling

As I write this I sit in our wooden studio surrounded by trees and I can tell you there is nothing more warm, welcoming and homely then a touch wood.

mixing old and new with wooden panelling

13 of the best windows

Granted, a window only needs to be a simple frame when it is capturing a breath taking view, but that frame does matter. I live in a very normal 1980s bungalow but with a very beautiful view, the large glass patio doors in the lounge are the reason I love my house, they humbly stand by and allow me to gaze at the winding river and rolling hills. That said a stunning window frame can elevate that view. Today I thought I would find a few examples of some truly beautiful windows, so we can all stare out the window and daydream. Some are quirky and steal the show while others clearly define the space with minimal line.

Overall, I think I desire interest in a home. Something as simple as a window can entice my eyes to look beyond the here and now and into the ever changing landscape of the passing world. I would love to know your thoughts. (Click on the images to find their source).

1) Art Nouveau splendour

art nouveau window inspiration

2) Maximising that light

traditional sky light windows

3) Following the shape of the roof

Huge pitched window

4) Industrial extravagance

industrial glass windows

5) Amazing glass partition

Glass gap between buildings

6) Smart steel black frames

Steal window frames

7) Spanish style metal work, this window is bulging with pride

Ornate Barcelona windows

8) Open to the skies

Giant glass roof night

9) A dormer with a difference

modern dormer windows

10) the power of black and white

Giant black framed loft-style windows

11) Miss-matched window frames create a unique cabin

miss matched windows

12) Picture perfect view as you do the washing up

Window that opens completely in kitchen

13) Classic design framed by nature

Ornate wooden window