The Top 10 Chandeliers I Would Love to Own

A chandelier is defined as a decorative, sometimes ornate, light fixture suspended from a ceiling, and usually having branched supports for a number of lights. These lighting statements date back to medieval times and have by no means lost their lustre. The classic incarnation we are all familiar with is draped in crystal with little candle like bulbs and shiny metal and is quite at home in grand surroundings, but the modern interpretation is often equally as elegant or bold.

Even a little kitsch I think is acceptable! Here are a few I found that get me thinking any room could benefit from this grand but delicate statement light.       

1) Now this is a statement piece – you would have to have a high ceiling but what an amazing addition to a room this tropical palm chandelier would make!

Amazing Palm chandelier

2) I love this ring shaped chandelier, paired with a tufted purple coach and antique mirror this room is a treat.

Vintage ring chandelier

3) Bear with me, yes this is a very blue glass chandelier – but suspended in a blush pink room with the right eclectic mix of keep-sakes this light would look right at home.

ornate and delicate blue glass chandelier

4) This epic light is modern to a T, interpreting the usual crystals on a chandelier in an raw, edgy way. This ring of light I would place in a drawing room, maybe over a card table with deep green velvet sofas and plenty of polished brass.

Crystal ring of light

5) This is most definitely the Marie Antoinette offering to our collection. This would be perfectly paired in a playful interior or for a very pampered princess.

feminine pink and blue chandelier

6) I love this light with its golden globes and black lines. I can’t think of a space that this wouldn’t enhance.

Modern chandelier with bulb lights

7) This cascading chandelier is like a magical waterfall. Perfectly placed within the spiral of the staircase this light fitting doubles as a piece of art.

Chandelier like a waterfall

8) You would half expect a little bird to fly in a window and land on this centre piece. I like the strong black silhouette and cluster nature of the leaves.

Black modern chandelier

9) For a more rustic approach try this simple metal and candle chandelier which fits perfectly in this fresh beachy home.

Rustic metal chandelier

10) What a beautiful divider this droplet chandelier makes, the shape perfectly resembles water in a really relaxing display.

Droplet chandelier

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