A Lick of Paint

Painting furniture can cover a multitude of sins. In fact it can be additive, but I think everything in moderation. From chalky blues to geometric hues, painted furniture is here to stay. Here are a few that have captured my gaze this week…

This is where it started, once I clapped eyes on this elegant offering I wanted more. A powder blue sets off the ribs on this little cabinet, flanked by an Eames chair, what more could you want?

Autumn interior with blue painted sideboard

I like the mix with this chest of draws, a wooden front is framed by a chalky blue. The triangular design really catches your attention.

Triangles painted on the side of a wooden cabinet

So simple and so lovely, a kids wardrobe with cascading circles in vibrant orange and blue.

Cascading dots painted on an orange and blue wardrobe

A perfectly chalky chest of draws in ombre shades of pastel pink and and smokey grey.

Pastel pink and grey painted ombre chest of draws

In a bold acid yellow and black illustration, this piece of furniture makes me want to just get out a marker pen and start doodling.

Acid yellow painted piece of funrinure with cool illustration

Or perhaps go for a colour in the kitchen – a rich aubergine covered in, well, just look at that counter top! Undulating well-worn wood bolted on creates the perfect contrast.

Wooden kitchen with purple painted cupboards and huge wooden top

Romantic pink painted draws double as a bed side table. I love the brassy handles paired with the retro radio and lamp.

Pink painted bed side table with brass handles

Neat and tidy, charcoal grey is framed in white with rounded wooden legs in this mid century style cabinet.

charcoal grey, white and wood mid century style cabinet

Van Gogh inspired wardrobe in brilliant blue capturing the majesty of the magnolia tree.

Japanese style magnolia painted blue wardrobe

Love the geometric pattern on this painted chest of draws. The miss-matched handles just add to the cool.

orange, blue, pink, mustard, geometric triangle painted draws

If your taste is little more simple, this white painted cupboard is beautiful with its contrasting black fittings.

White painted wooden wardrobe

The giant blooms painted on this chest of draws really catches the eye. The colours pick out the features of the room beyond.

White and gold flowers painted on a black chest of draws

You could always start small, a gold dipped chair is just really satisfying. Though I would keep the main chair bare wood and dip the top in copper paint, now thats an idea…

Purple and gold chair


Modern Wicker

The beauty of adding a natural material like wicker into your home is the warmth and integrity it brings. The woven basket is so versatile, adding texture and that human element that can make a house a home. I have gathered together some great contemporary interiors showcasing the best of modern wicker.

With all the charm of Mid-Century design this wicker chair is pretty perfect.

Mid-Century modern wicker chair

I love how these wicker draws are all the more beautiful for the backdrop of dark matt kitchen units.

Black kitchen with wicker draws

Ok, not technically wicker, but I just love this piece of furniture. Colonial style with a laid back modern coolness.

Natural furniture in modern home

The ever useful basket looks great in this bathroom. A neat way to hide all that clutter.

Wicker baskets in the bathroom

The wicker Egg chair is so retro cool. With a view like that you would really need a special piece of furniture, and suspended in this warm embrace would work just fine.

Suspended wicker egg chair

Darker moody walls and casual wicker dining chairs, this interior has Scandinavian charm.

Dark walls and wicker dining chairs

These huge pendent lights look quite at home in this bright and breezy kitchen.

Giant wicker pendant lights

Statement furniture never looked so good! Chilled summer living in this designer home.

Statement wicker chair

Sign me up for a class! it can’t be that hard…

A Fresh Look at Built-in Seating

When it comes to the seating in our homes, thought is needed, because lets face it, it is kind of crucial! There is nothing worse than a saggy sofa or a piece of furniture that dominates, and not in a good way! In smaller spaces or a tricky shaped space the answer can be built-in furniture. You would think this would limit your options, but it can actually make a space more flexible as opposed to rigid. Here are a few that have captured my imagination..

Concrete seating is soften by tan leather cushions in this achingly cool pad.

Leather cushions on concrete seats

Ample seating in this bright yellow dinning room frames a chunky wooden table. Loving the ‘Y’ chairs too!

Built in yellow seats around a dining room table

Pretty perfect reading spot. The built-in seat or day bed and library shelves are making this wonderful view perfectly framed.

Perfect reading nook

Make use of limited outside space with a dual purpose bench and seat. I would definitely throw in some cushions though! Maybe create a feel more like a Moroccan riad.

Storage and built in bench for the patio

This cool blue and white tiled alcove works brilliantly in a high spec modern Dubai home. I love how the built in seating and tiles create an unmissable feature wall.

Built in seating in this modern with traditional touches home

This contemporary laid back space strikes the right balance between comfortable cottons and natural surfaces. So simple to achieve, a coffee table and lounging spot all in one.

Contemporary living with built in seating and table

Mid century style with built in seating and storage. Love how the cushion pads themselves add structure. Simple and snug.

Built in wooden seating and storage

The Greeks have it in abundance! Everything is built-in, the whole house is like a sculpture with undulating curves. Even the bed is part of the fabric of the room.

Cosy snug in luxury Greek villa

Moulded seating in luxury Greek villa

And finally an oh so simple built in seat by a window. Little details like this make a home; subtle shades of grey, a warming painting and generous delicate blossoms.

Fresh white calming space with built in seat

Are you looking around thinking what you could box-in where? I am!

10 Modern Rockers

Its Friday and time to kick back and relax. Today I feel like enjoying the gentle motion of a rocking chair – but lets explore the modern options. There are so many great designs out there that I think any interior would be enhanced by such a piece of furniture. Here are ten of my favourites…

1) Handcrafted in New Zealand the Kwila Sun Lounger gently rocks you into relaxation.

Wooden rocking sun bed

2) The Rocking Wheel Chair is almost a full circle, a concept chair with a built in light. It reminds me of those freaky Angler fish, cool though.

Rocking chair with built in light

3) I don’t know how this piece of furniture would score on comfort but I love its Brutalist honesty. This concrete rocking chair would work great in a urban garden.

minimal materials - concrete rocking chair

4) This is the Gaivota rocking chair and is the creation of Renaud Bonzon from Brazil. Simple design makes this chair interesting from every angle and I think it would fit with pretty much any decade of style.

Brazilian rocking chair

5) This is one of the most important and recognisable designs of the twentieth century, the Fiberglass Shell Chair was designed by Charles Eames in 1948 as an entry in The Museum of Modern Art’s International Design Competition. Available in many colours this design classic would fit quite nicely into my home, but which colour!

Eames rocker chair

6) An update on a classic, this wooden rocking chair has such lovely clean lines. Found on Etsy and is described as a minimalists version of an iconic symbol.

Wooden modern rocking chair in minimalists style

7) Loving this design. The mesh has a Seventies vibe and feels a perfect fit to the sleek designed summer deck, all I need now is a cocktail. Meet the Volley Rocker from Tait.

Modern wire and wood rocking chair

8) Oh so cosy and snug, the Ryder Rocking Chair looks to be the perfect place for a lazy afternoon with a good book.

Cosy Rocking Chair

9) The GT Rocker has been inspired by airport lounge seating and 70’s car interiors, and I love it. Perfect combo of comfort and cool.

Metal and cushioned rocking chair

10) Green and tan – a match made in heaven, I love all the furniture by this super sleek company, Muller van Severen.

ultra modern minimal rocking chair

Pretty amazing designs, I love it when a classic is reinvented or distilled to its purest form. Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

The Great Charles and Ray Eames

Ray and Charles Eames selecting slides for an exhibition in 1968

Ray and Charles Eames selecting slides for an exhibition in 1968 – Original source.

I am delighted to be guest posting on Sett Design. At Design Debate I just love talking about all aspects of design, anything that intrigues, excites or creates a smile. Today I thought I would write a post in praise of the Eames chairs – such a successful partnership that produced classic pieces of furniture that have stood the text of time. Charles (1907-1978) and Ray (1912-1988) Eames were partners in life as well as design, they married in 1941. Charles was reportedly dismissed from studying architecture at the Washington University of St. Luis for being ‘too modern’ in his views. Their creative backgrounds came together to create something quite special; Charles had been studying architecture, and Ray came from a abstract art, textiles and film background. The Eames name is associated with many iconic chairs of the 20th Century.

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Interior design featuring Eames chair design – Original source.

Their first big break came in 1942 when the US navy placed an order for 5,000 splints that they had made from a mould of Charles’ own leg. Their continual experiments in plywood allowed them to create the Plywood Chair in 1945.

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Interior design featuring Eamse chair design – Original source.

Moving on from plywood, they created furniture in fibreglass, plastic, aluminium, and for the 1956 Lounge Chair, a gift for director Billy Wilder, used leather and a rich plywood.

Eames mustard yellow chair

Interior design featuring Eames chair design – Original source.

The flexibility of fibreglass lead to the construction of the Eames plastic armchair. First presented in 1948 at the New York Museum of Modern Art’s ‘Low cost furniture design’ competition. The comfortable shell, made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic, was combined with a variety of bases to create different looks. This versatility was key, they believed “design is a method of action,” and continually updated their work as new materials became available. “The chair that Charles and Ray were designing,” explains grandson Eames Demetrios, “is the chair that’s made tomorrow.”

Selection of Eames chair designs

Selection of Eames chair designs – Original source.


Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman – Original source.

The couple loved their work, to them it was a combination of art and science, design and architecture, process and product, style and function. “The details are not details,” said Charles, “They make the product.”

Architecture created by Eames

The home that Charles and Ray designed for themselves – Original source.


2014 Classic Chair Design Calendar

2014 calendar featuring classic chair design – Original source.

You can’t fail to find an example of their iconic design in the wealth of classy interior shots on the internet. I just love the form and the real sense of fun in their designs. The ‘Lounge Chair’ and the ‘Molded Plastic Dowel-Leg Side Chair’ are captured in their simplicity in this wall calendar by graphic design company Pickle Design.

Emma Julian.

Eames chair design

Eames chair design – Original source.