Breathtaking Interiors in a Florida Home

Interiors by Carole Weaks and Susan Massey

The interior of this Charleston Single House-style home is breathtaking and says so much about the interior designers and owners. Located in Rosemary Beach, Florida, the family brought in talented designers to create the environment they wanted to live in.

French Antiques

Atlanta interior designer, Carole Weaks, used antique and unique pieces to compliment and bring out the striking architecture, travelling to France to locate them. The fabrics were selected for their appearance, but then coated with good fabric protectant to stand up to beach life.

A year later Susan Massey was brought in to finish the project and added the sense of the beach location to the elegant work so far.

Kitchen Design

Their work has let the rooms breathe with colours that are carried through and reflect the architecture perfectly. I could easily imagine feeling comfortable in this home. Take a look at the original post with more information on the House of Turquoise blog.

Charleston Single House-style home