Rolling Out The Carpet

Time to consider rugs. I like a wooden floor as much as the next person, and I can go cuckoo for some polished concrete, but in these winter months a rug is what my toes crave. When I visited Morocco a few years ago (how time flies!) the sheer variety of beautiful carpets blew me away. From intense blue intricate motifs to traditional geometric reds. For this Friday afternoon I have collected a few interiors that wear the rug well..

Start with tradition – this is where you would expect to find a rug, in a hallway, but what I love here is the simple palette of naturals with black and white. The rug leads the eye and grounds a white space.

Black and white entry with geometric rug

In a dark interior you need a little comfort, the rich grey/blue walls here are helped along by an ancient-looking berry red rug. I love how it lifts the atmosphere.

Charcole blue walls with floral accents and red worn rug

A large yellow rug (complete with pooch) warms up a cool palette.

Art on the walls, green vase, yellow geometric rug and little dog

Not your traditional bathroom rug but I love the rich red geometric shapes that add interest to a sophisticated space.

Black subway tiles with Persian red carpets in the bathroom

This London home is beautifully put together with a large modern rug that I’d happily shed my shoes for.

A collated space with a large simple black and white rug

More is more in this personalised stairway. Books, art, tiny shoes, and a richly patterned ethnic rug.

Diddy shoes on the stairs, traditional rug and roses in this entry way

This retro room boast a giant yellow sinkable rug that brings the sunshine in.

1970s style lounge with giant soft yellow rug

A mottled grey rug helps with the ‘zoning’ in this living room. The gorgeous landscape on the wall caught my eye too.

Zoning with a modern rug

An intense palette of deep blue, jade green and an eye-popping yellow all come together for a corner-come-office. A pattern rug with a Greek feel neatly fits underfoot.

Yellow accents, deep blue walls and a dark wooden desk

Honeycomb blue fits in nicely to a white washed room with stacks of books and a black leather couch.

Book shelves, black leather coach and a blue modern rug

And to end with a slice of calm, if in doubt go neutral. Layer textures and patterns in similar shades to capture that illusive serenity.

Geometric rug in natural colours with a wooden chair and cushion

I hope you enjoyed this little look down, happy weekend!


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