Last night the heavy clouds were pulled back to reveal the beautiful night sky littered with sparkling stars. I am blessed where I live to be able to see the sky without too much light pollution. It got me thinking about how lovely it would be to enjoy the night sky from my bed and I went searching for inspiring interiors that very much connect us with that infinite blanket of stars.

How about actually suspending your bed for the best view? Not sure I wouldn’t fall out, I’m quite a wriggler!

Suspended bed in bijou flat

This room is amazing, I love the wood and triangular shapes.

Amazing glass room

I think a night spent in a snow wrapped glass igloo might just be perfect romantic getaway – especially if the Aurora Borealis turned up.

Snow emerged glass igloos

This simple glass and wood dome has literary feel about it, a real hide away and a perfect stargazing spot no doubt.

Watch the stars in glass dome cabin

Take to the Alps in this lux chalet with dramatic snow capped views.

glass and wood chalet

Slightly more achievable might be this dining room surrounded by brick walls, evergreens and tall houses. Lit with moonlight and candles the stars would just add to the ambience of a brilliant night in with friends.

Glass dining room to watch the stars



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