Vive la France

Today I felt like celebrating something French, as our hearts and thoughts are with this beautiful and creative nation. I have taken inspiration from this painting of American artist David Lloyd. The depth of this French blue interior just really spoke to me so I have decided to put together a few inspirational homes that capture this quintessential French colour.


Blue Dining Room by David Lloyd


French blue velvet chairs add depth and luxury to this modern space.

French blue chairs

Imagine living in a home like this! This French country house has intricate parquet floors and is pure Louis XV style. Walls painted French blue, chinoiserie decor and gilded details.

French blue ornate interior

This clean and crisp kitchen is timeless.

Timeless elegant French blue kitchen

For a relaxing night sleep how about this lovely room, shabby chic successfully presented.

Relaxing French bedroom

A little detail of an exquisite French interior.

A very French interior

This modern interior perfectly suits the chalky French blue wall.

French blue modern dining area

The French do it best, rustic luxury.

Luxurious bathroom in French blue

Hope you have enjoyed my little selection. Blue to me is the colour of peace, tranquility, calm and confidence.



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