A Fresh Look at Built-in Seating

When it comes to the seating in our homes, thought is needed, because lets face it, it is kind of crucial! There is nothing worse than a saggy sofa or a piece of furniture that dominates, and not in a good way! In smaller spaces or a tricky shaped space the answer can be built-in furniture. You would think this would limit your options, but it can actually make a space more flexible as opposed to rigid. Here are a few that have captured my imagination..

Concrete seating is soften by tan leather cushions in this achingly cool pad.

Leather cushions on concrete seats

Ample seating in this bright yellow dinning room frames a chunky wooden table. Loving the ‘Y’ chairs too!

Built in yellow seats around a dining room table

Pretty perfect reading spot. The built-in seat or day bed and library shelves are making this wonderful view perfectly framed.

Perfect reading nook

Make use of limited outside space with a dual purpose bench and seat. I would definitely throw in some cushions though! Maybe create a feel more like a Moroccan riad.

Storage and built in bench for the patio

This cool blue and white tiled alcove works brilliantly in a high spec modern Dubai home. I love how the built in seating and tiles create an unmissable feature wall.

Built in seating in this modern with traditional touches home

This contemporary laid back space strikes the right balance between comfortable cottons and natural surfaces. So simple to achieve, a coffee table and lounging spot all in one.

Contemporary living with built in seating and table

Mid century style with built in seating and storage. Love how the cushion pads themselves add structure. Simple and snug.

Built in wooden seating and storage

The Greeks have it in abundance! Everything is built-in, the whole house is like a sculpture with undulating curves. Even the bed is part of the fabric of the room.

Cosy snug in luxury Greek villa

Moulded seating in luxury Greek villa

And finally an oh so simple built in seat by a window. Little details like this make a home; subtle shades of grey, a warming painting and generous delicate blossoms.

Fresh white calming space with built in seat

Are you looking around thinking what you could box-in where? I am!


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