Stairway to Heaven

So ok I live in a bungalow but if I had stairs I would consider these. Any and every space is up for grabs when it comes to creativity and I just love how these home makers have claimed back an often forgotten, or majorly dated space. See what you think.

So here is a cute dog on a gradient stairs – perfect.

Gradient painted blue stairs

Add some height with some black balustrades.

Black vertical height giving balustrades

Wallpaper is the thing, I love the retro theme here. Brilliantly eye-catching but with a restrained colour palette.

Wallpaper stairs in graphic patterns

The home of Kathryn Tyler was featured on Grand Designs, I love her stairs. Elegant and really useful.

Storage under the stairs

The graphic designer in me would love this! Pantone painted stairs.

Perfect for the graphic designer, Pantone Stairs

An update of the traditional carpet runner, painted grey stairs work rather well.

Grey striped painted stairs

What a dramatic entrance! Brilliantly layered colours and textures make this stairway quite a special place.

Dramatic stairway

Would you consider sprucing up your stairs with paint and paper? I’d love to hear.


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