Glamping – Camping in Style

Oh my goodness I want to go glamping! Could there be anything better? All the luxury of home in the great outdoors. Sleeping under the stars, roasting marshmallows and the ultimate comfort of a real proper bed!

Have you ever considered it? I am very keen. But where to go? You can have the African safari feel on an American ranch, or you could go to Spain and stay in a round yurt. Or even in my very own sunny (but soggy) Cornwall you can dream under canvas with Egyptian cotton sheets and enough cushions to have a descent pillow fight.

Here are a few images I found that would have me packing my pyjamas and my toothbrush in anticipation!

Oh this is lovely – generous space, draped canvas and a proper bathroom – bliss! (click the images to find the source)

Luxurious camping

I love the idea of a yurt. Feeling snugly wrapped in fabric, this one even has a carved wooden door!

Cosy yurt camping

A proper room, all kitted out with lovely wooden furniture, a cosy bed, and you can bet a charming view.

Posh camping

I love the shape of this tent, and do I peak what looks like a Welsh dresser inside? Dine in luxury but with all the sites and sounds of the countryside. Great characterful chairs too!

Luxury under canvas

This tent is amazing – a log burning stove is lovely and necessary in the very snowy Swiss Alps!

Snow protection from this amazing tent

I guess glamping doesn’t have to be in a deluxe tent – this Airstream caravan is immensely homely and would be the envy of any camper!

Glamping in style

I can’t wait to camp in style, but where to start, and what view to pick!


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