Would You Consider a Floating Fireplace?

What do you think of these floating fireplaces? There is something very 1960s James Bond about them I think, but grounded with a little bit of rustic styling they can look pretty cool. Nothing beats a fire in the living room, I say this as I don’t have one, but sorely want to open up our blocked off chimney to encourage the cosy.

It is something about the heart of the home, it saddens me when the only focal point is a telly! These suspended fireplaces are rather fun. I have put together a few that seem to enhance the home they hang from. See what you think!

Not quite up and not quite down, I like how this fireplace links the space. A warming spot to read book.

Fireplace suspended across the stairs

Not all homes have to be ultra modern to take a suspended fireplace, the fluid shape works perfectly in this wavy walled character home.

Hanging fireplace in ethnic home

Wonderfully round, this little number sits comfortably with the rough walls and hanging plants.

Rough walls and modern hanging fireplace

I like the shape of this hanging fireplace, and of course the chair, a very lovely chair!

Contemporary fires

The matte black in this home adds creates a striking atmosphere. The fireplace fits comfortably amongst the mid century style.

Suspended black fireplace

Think perspective, the long lines of this fireplace accentuate the height of that lovely window and the space in this room.

Tall windows and long fireplace

So there you go, a little bit of hanging warmth for this slightly chilly September Friday, enjoy.



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