Good things come in small packages

Green roof and white wooden walls in this tiny house

The tiny house phenomena is really in full swing. With programmes on the telly showing how downsizing is the way to live the life you want, economically and environmentally. Space is so luxurious but I can see the appeal of a ‘everything in its place and a place for everything’ way of living. Especially if you live in a climate where inside-outside living doubles your space. Living in England though weather can never be guaranteed! We are a nation of shed-lovers and I think everyone has a hankering for a small space somewhere to call your own.

Simple white kids room with bunk beds in tiny house

Lovely laid out dining area of small house

A tiny family home though may be another matter! However I am being seduced by this lovely little house near Portland, Oregon, USA. It is the home of designer Jessica Helgerson and her family and it has been re-modeled using nearly exclusively reclaimed materials, the building itself is now being recycled for the fourth time!

Tiny house beautifully decorated

The space is 540 square feet and is beautifully presented. I love the green roof and roughly painted wooden walls. There is a loft style sleeping space for the parents accessed by a ladder and the children have a bunk room, there is even a pull out guest bed. Every space has been thought through and maximised. I love the wall of books! There is always room for books, down-sizing is all about prioritising.

Built in seating and a wall of books in tiny house

Beautiful rural tiny house designed by Jessica Helgerson

Originally found on Freshome.


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