Painted Bricks

I am a lover of contrast, taking the rough with the smooth. Cosy interiors ladened with soft furnishings with a rough painted brick wall is right up my street. These are a few examples I have found that get it right. You want your home to still be a home and not resemble an Underground station, consider mixing the rustic with the clean and contemporary, glitz and glam.

Faded glamour with gilded frames and mirrors fit quite comfortably in front of white painted brick walls.

Painted bricks in the home

I love how this coffee house have kept the raw bricks in the shape of a map.

Map of the world on brick wall

The allure of classy black brick walls!

Classy room with black painted walls

I think the grey bricks work well in this setting, a light and airy space is elegantly achieved.

Grey brick walls

Having exposed brick in this very clean white space adds a little texture and interest.

Painted bricks in modern home

Black walls could be oppressive but here I think they like really classy. A great choice for a masculine office but I think you would need a very large window.

Matt black painted walls

Painting this brick ceiling picks out the gorgeous curve and bounces light around this stylish space.

Stylish dining with painted brick curved walls

Roughly white washed walls are contained by these chunking skirting boards and door frames. A lovely mixture of textures.

White washed bricks

Finally a splash of colour with this two tone forest green and white room.

Green painted bricks

To paint or not to paint? I am convinced.


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