Small Garden Ideas

The sun is out in our corner of Cornwall and I am enjoying watching the butterflies mingle and dance through the foliage. It reminds me that any form of greenery is such a joy to behold. No matter how little your garden you can get some green therapy too. Too many people I know, me included, only really use part of their garden, tending to look at it rather than enjoy being in it. So what makes a successful small garden? These are some examples of outdoor spaces that really work. I am already feeling motivated!

Dress you garden like you would dress a room. Consider the furniture, the materials and its purpose. Living in England means you really have to consider the elements and choose your materials accordingly. I like how this garden uses stone, wicker, metal and wood with a real variety of shapes and height.

Small garden inspiration

With the garden below I like how they only use green foliage but still successfully zone areas with levels and different divides. I can’t help thinking of gardens like I do interiors, and this garden reads like a house. You have the corridor that climbs with a lovely wooden floor, the boxy green hedging like tufted textiles and the laid back seating for the ‘lounge’ with further up a dining area. Nicely done.

giving height to the garden

We all know how well water works in the garden – I would say even more so in a small space. You can be instantly transported out of the urban sprawl to a babbling brook in a meadow somewhere or a perhaps the wilds of Japan. This garden uses dappled delicate colour to create a serene space.

Little oasis in the garden

If your space is long and narrow then maybe try maximising the diagonal of your garden. This garden draws the eye and I love the bulging borders!

Narrow garden with paving and planting

Consider lighting, highlight levels and view points. Make your garden a completely different space at dusk or night. This roof terrace handles light well, uplighting the trees and using full beams of light to mark the change in levels.

Small gardens clever lighting

There is so much about this garden I love, the use of paint and colour complementing the olive leaves, how the trees are contained and the soft furnishings. This garden is also really private without feeling hemmed in. The chalky tones complement each other so well. I think a splash of red flowers might be nice.

Olive trees in raised beds in this private garden

How to describe what I love about this garden, its attitude I think. Just such a simple, cool space. I love the rough painted brick wall and how the wooden fence, benches and planters add length with their lines, and that pendant light just looks really sleek. Black wire chairs and a wild garden at the end finish the design off perfectly, very nicely done!

Well lit contemporary patio design

Of course there is always the bold option! This garden has curves galore, very contemporary and it pretty much has everything, sitting, eating and even a space to dip a toe.

Curves galore in this small garden layout

What do you think? I am ready to embrace curves and bring the inside, out.


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