In Praise of the Trullo

I have only visited Italy once, lake Garda, and it was so so lovely I would love to return again. Today I stumbled upon an architectural jewel, the trullo, a traditional ancient dry stone conical building. Found in Alberobello, Italy, in the areas of Monti and Aia Piccola these little structures are being transformed into unique homes and businesses and they have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

Here are a few that I have found to inspire. A trullo seems the perfect getaway space, cool from the heat and full of quirks and character. The home below is being lovingly restored by architect Vittorio Cassano and just looks so inviting!

Traditional Italian buildings renovated in sympathetic style

Italian home lovingly restored

This Italian Trullo looks pristine in brilliant white wash. The spaces have been thoughtfully restored and the result is a peaceful getaway.

Trullo white washed and looking beautiful against blue sky

simple bedroom design in this Italian trullo

cosy lounge in this trullo home

These photos were taken by photographer Bill Hocker in Alberobello and I think they capture perfectly the quirky character that makes these homes such a draw.

Bill Hocker photographs trullos in Alberobello

Trullo roofs photographed by Bill Hocker

Many of these beautiful buildings you can stay in. This particular one I love the feel of, restored by architects Azzurra Garzone they used only traditional methods working with stone and lime and local crafts people. These buildings were originally temporary field shelters or storehouses but are today being restored so many more generations can enjoy them.

Exterior of a trulli

Trulli bedroom

Trulli interior window seat

Exterior of Italian trulli

Now where is my passport?!


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