Bathtime Beauties

I am dreaming of a good soak in the tub when I get home! Sooth those aches and pains away. But what if my tub was not standard white plastic but instead copper, wood or slate? What if my bathing bliss was encased in snug curves or cast concrete? Here are some bath tubs to inspire this Friday afternoon.

Somehow this grey bathroom feels inviting and warm. The different textures and tones help to enhance the space and the pristine tub is a good spot for modern art gazing.

Earthy textures and tones work together in this luxury bathroom

Plunge pool with a view, I could waste many hours turning prune in this tub.

Deep tub with a great view

This huge tub is wonderfully elegant. Modern lines but with a clear nod to the past.

Neutral tones work well with this egg shaped bath

Speaking of clear, would you dear to bare for this see-through tub?

Clear bath tub

The classic roll top bath, perfectly poised for bathing bliss.

Neutral roll top bath

Beyond classic, this vintage tub is perfectly placed against a deep blue wall. I can imagine The Beetles ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ playing, floating up stream.

Antique bath in green with a blue wall

I can’t quite get my head around this ‘tub’! How would you get out of it?

See-through circle bath

More my style, a sunken earthy tub with a perfectly framed view.

Rugged bathroom with chunky sunken bath

And finally, a bath with a breathtaking view. Without the nosey neighbours this would be heavenly! Happy weekend.

bathe outside


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