10 Modern Rockers

Its Friday and time to kick back and relax. Today I feel like enjoying the gentle motion of a rocking chair – but lets explore the modern options. There are so many great designs out there that I think any interior would be enhanced by such a piece of furniture. Here are ten of my favourites…

1) Handcrafted in New Zealand the Kwila Sun Lounger gently rocks you into relaxation.

Wooden rocking sun bed

2) The Rocking Wheel Chair is almost a full circle, a concept chair with a built in light. It reminds me of those freaky Angler fish, cool though.

Rocking chair with built in light

3) I don’t know how this piece of furniture would score on comfort but I love its Brutalist honesty. This concrete rocking chair would work great in a urban garden.

minimal materials - concrete rocking chair

4) This is the Gaivota rocking chair and is the creation of Renaud Bonzon from Brazil. Simple design makes this chair interesting from every angle and I think it would fit with pretty much any decade of style.

Brazilian rocking chair

5) This is one of the most important and recognisable designs of the twentieth century, the Fiberglass Shell Chair was designed by Charles Eames in 1948 as an entry in The Museum of Modern Art’s International Design Competition. Available in many colours this design classic would fit quite nicely into my home, but which colour!

Eames rocker chair

6) An update on a classic, this wooden rocking chair has such lovely clean lines. Found on Etsy and is described as a minimalists version of an iconic symbol.

Wooden modern rocking chair in minimalists style

7) Loving this design. The mesh has a Seventies vibe and feels a perfect fit to the sleek designed summer deck, all I need now is a cocktail. Meet the Volley Rocker from Tait.

Modern wire and wood rocking chair

8) Oh so cosy and snug, the Ryder Rocking Chair looks to be the perfect place for a lazy afternoon with a good book.

Cosy Rocking Chair

9) The GT Rocker has been inspired by airport lounge seating and 70’s car interiors, and I love it. Perfect combo of comfort and cool.

Metal and cushioned rocking chair

10) Green and tan – a match made in heaven, I love all the furniture by this super sleek company, Muller van Severen.

ultra modern minimal rocking chair

Pretty amazing designs, I love it when a classic is reinvented or distilled to its purest form. Hope you have a relaxing weekend!


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