Coffee Tables to Tempt

I have real coffee table envy at the moment. The one in my lounge is on the way out and I have been feasting my eyes on some seriously good inspiration. When you think about it, the scope for a coffee table is vast. As long as it is low and sturdy and you can place a drink, a book or a magazine on it, pretty much any material is up for grabs.

These are a few of my favourites so far…

The Pedro Ramirez Vazquez Metal Coffee Table, c1960. Sleek and modern, the simple design is compelling.

Stylish 1960s metal coffee table by Pedro Ramirez

The ‘Thin Back Lines’ exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery featured the Japanese studio Nendo and I love the elegant form of their coffee table. This would need a minimal space to do it justice though, and I am a little more eclectic.

Thin black lines coffee table by Nendo

For a more chunky geometric look there is the Tre Side table available at Etsy.

Coffee table geometric

The lovely battered wood for this coffee table is made from reclaimed Russian pine and I just love the industrial feel.

Coffee table made from reclaimed Russian pine

How about an adorable multifunctional piece of furniture. Store your child or your books!

Coffee table which is both a child's chair and book holder

Very appropriate for a graphic designer, a typographic table.

Coffee table made from wooden letters

Lovely occasional table with three tiers and a Mid-Century style. Also quite liking the fresh blue.

Mid century style coffee table

Slightly scary but very impressive coffee table designed by Sebastian Errazuriz. Gothic and sleek all at once!

Real tree coffee table

To appeal to my love of pattern and folk art this burnt wooden table I think is quite beautiful. Created by designer Cecilia Galluccio.

Burnt wood coffee table

To mix things up a little how about a real talking point. This gorgeous red coffee table was a rusting car bonnet! This would look really cool in a vintage diner.

Fiery red coffee table made from car bonnet

Or there is of course always the option of adding some serious glamour with this gold coffee table! I know it is quite ostentatious, maybe even a little Dallas, but I am drawn to it so!

Golden three piece coffee table

So many options! Such little space!


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