Waiting Done Well

Sometimes it feels like we spend so much of our life waiting! I know us Brits are famous for queuing in an orderly fashion but today I was thinking about the time we spend in waiting rooms. So I thought I would hunt out some examples of waiting rooms done well, very well. So good you may want to stay, curl up with a book and remove your shoes!

Love this space – corporate but also very fun. These pebble like seats just make me want to lie back and relax!

Pebble seating in lobby

Great furniture design can really make a difference, not just comfort but this room has understated style.

Great chairs and artwork in this waiting room

Waiting room furniture with curve appeal. I love how the table and seats combine.

Waiting room furniture with curve appeal

I love the flexible nature of these seating units. There is a lot going on in this industrial interior but these chairs complement with their muted greys and interlocking design.

adjoining seating unit for waiting room

We all know of the power of plants to calm but I love this mini greenhouse in this waiting room. The black and white decor is set off nicely by the greenery of the leafy plants.

Waiting area with enclosed garden and wire chairs

Stack ’em up – wooden seating that works.

wooden blocks form communal seating

There is something a little StarTrek about this waiting room but I am impressed that the stark space still looks inviting.

White waiting room with bright coloured seats

Great window seat, a really comfortable space bathed in light.

Long Beach, Mauritius seating area

A touch of quilted luxury.

Padded seating area

This padded alcove waiting area is very flexible.

Padded alcove seating

A moment of calm – nice wooden tables in this tranquil seating area.

Calm seating area

So what do you think? No need for dull moments in dull rooms with un-interesting chairs. If you have to make us wait, at least let us do it in style.


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