Using Copper in Interiors

2014 was all about copper. As you may have read in a previous post I am a fan of the metal touch in the home. Its just so versatile, from cold industrial and masculine to warm and tactile, luxurious and sensual. Copper, and indeed it seems all metals, are here to stay.

I think my love affair with copper started back when I was a little girl, I remember learning the name for when copper turned green, verdigris, and thinking it quite marvellous. Also there was a weird and wonderful lady in our village who had four Huskies and a copper wall in her house. Her home was dark but inviting and although dimly lit this copper wall was quite captivating in the flickering fire light. Pretty much since then copper was the metal for me.

Here are a few interiors that make copper work. From the bizarre to the sublime! Enjoy.

1) Start small
Introduce copper accents into your home for warmth and texture.

Copper plate in interior

2) Copper piping light
Isn’t this brilliant? This would look very cool in a dining room.

Copper pipe lighting

3) Oo the detail!
Love the colours of unpolished and polished copper on this staircase.

Polished and unpolished copper staircase

4) Copper chairs
Reminiscent of origami these beautiful chairs reflect the light perfectly.

angular copper chair

5) Copper and white cutlery
And to go with your copper dining chairs? Irresistible white dipped copper cutlery of course.

Copper and white cutlery

6) Geometric copper hanging plant
You can imagine 3 at different heights in a very hipster cafe window.

Plant hanging in copper frame

7) Copper and wood tea light holders
The perfect mix of textures.

mix of black, white, copper and wood tea light holders

8) Best of both with the two-tone clock
The contrast of verdigris and polished copper works really well.

copper clocks in hexagon or circle shapes

9) The multi-toned copper kitchen
Fiery reds and pastel pinks, copper has it all.

Battered copper kitchen

10) Copper piping table with built in candelabra
This scene feels very Dutch, like something Johannes Vermeer would paint, perhaps with some rustic bread.

copper pipe and wood table

11) Sleek copper studded wall
Love the touch of industrial luxe in this hotel bedroom.

Copper bedroom wall

12) Or go wobbly
Imagine the rising sun reflecting on that wall, it would be overwhelming!

hammered copper wall

13) Shining copper bed
And finally sweet dreams in a really shiny copper bed.

Copper framed bed

Plenty of options to add a touch of copper to your home, the question for me is not where to start but where to stop!


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