The wonders of wood – 11 of the best wooden panelled interiors

white wooden panelled walls

Ornate green wooden walls

I have a soft spot for wooden panelled interiors. Perhaps it is because I am British, and therefore love a period drama – especially with some moody lighting, delightful attire and seriously grand wooden panelling. I thought I would compile some interiors that really rock the wooden look. Don’t get me wrong too much wooden panelling can definitely be a bad thing. You don’t want your home resembling a Swedish sauna.

Bright and airy wooden panelling

grand grey panelling

Deep dark wooden walls in stunning interior

When wood can become over powering then applying chalky paint in light natural tones can claim back the lost light, and really transform the space. Or if you do happen to have grandiose proportions then moody blues and charcoal greys are the way to go. Alternatively pick a room that can handle a bold statement like a cloakroom or bathroom.

Large modern paneling for bathroom

wooden walls that make a statement by undulating

For a more modern look try wide panels in red toned woods. A reclaimed wooden wall can work great in a teenage bedroom, or just paint your panels white and dress with statement contemporary furniture.

White washed wooden wall in bedroom

Warmth and colour created by miss matched wood

White painted wooden panelling

As I write this I sit in our wooden studio surrounded by trees and I can tell you there is nothing more warm, welcoming and homely then a touch wood.

mixing old and new with wooden panelling


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