13 of the best windows

Granted, a window only needs to be a simple frame when it is capturing a breath taking view, but that frame does matter. I live in a very normal 1980s bungalow but with a very beautiful view, the large glass patio doors in the lounge are the reason I love my house, they humbly stand by and allow me to gaze at the winding river and rolling hills. That said a stunning window frame can elevate that view. Today I thought I would find a few examples of some truly beautiful windows, so we can all stare out the window and daydream. Some are quirky and steal the show while others clearly define the space with minimal line.

Overall, I think I desire interest in a home. Something as simple as a window can entice my eyes to look beyond the here and now and into the ever changing landscape of the passing world. I would love to know your thoughts. (Click on the images to find their source).

1) Art Nouveau splendour

art nouveau window inspiration

2) Maximising that light

traditional sky light windows

3) Following the shape of the roof

Huge pitched window

4) Industrial extravagance

industrial glass windows

5) Amazing glass partition

Glass gap between buildings

6) Smart steel black frames

Steal window frames

7) Spanish style metal work, this window is bulging with pride

Ornate Barcelona windows

8) Open to the skies

Giant glass roof night

9) A dormer with a difference

modern dormer windows

10) the power of black and white

Giant black framed loft-style windows

11) Miss-matched window frames create a unique cabin

miss matched windows

12) Picture perfect view as you do the washing up

Window that opens completely in kitchen

13) Classic design framed by nature

Ornate wooden window


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