Kitchens – Minimal or Eclectic?

I think what I have worked out about myself is that I love the style and design of minimal living, those clean lines and umpteen shades of white, but in reality I have too many things. Life, to me is a great opportunity to collect and collate items of memory. My home is layered with pattern upon pattern, drawings and books, heirlooms and creations that make my home, well mine.

That said one can dream.. If I managed minimal it would probably be in the kitchen. Everything in its place and gleaming surfaces that hint at an ordered mind. Though I also love the idea of all my colourful wares displayed for all to see. A tour of the world in styles and colours, just like my culinary taste reflects.

These are my pick of minimal and eclectic kitchens. I would love to know your thoughts!


Minimal white kitchen Black white and wood int he kitchen

Ice white kitchen

Sleek wooden units

Muted shades in the kitchen

Its all about the view


Small but perfectly formed kitchen

Colourful touches in this grey kitchen

Rustic kitchen

Vintage crammed kitchen in Israel

Dappled light in this rustic kitchen

Colourful kitchen units

Maybe this kitchen is the best of both? Clean lines but with those personal touches carefully composed to form a warm and welcoming space.

The perfect mix kitchen


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