Decorating with gold

Few of us live in divine Regency homes with gilded cherubs or ladened chandeliers. Never the less a little bit of glitz and glam can go a long way.

My tips for decorating with gold are..

An accent wall in gold patterned wallpaper

Gold accents in kitchen

Go for an accents:
The beauty of decorating with gold is that the room will alter as the light changes. The flickering of a fire or the cool winter light low through a window. Using accents is like embellishing an outfit with jewellery, you want to catch the eye and hold the attention.

Gold framed map

Antique gold and navy

Think antique:
An instant way to add some characterful charm is to accessorise with antique pieces. try a French scrolling bed or on a smaller scale you can pick up some great picture frames second hand.

Gold velvet sofa

Gold wallpaper in a small space adds depth

Metallics can add depth:
In a small space it can be tricky to add interest. You can get away with using quite a bold print for wallpaper when using gold that doesn’t actual over dominate a space. Or think introducing gold through soft furnishings with inviting velvet.

Famed combination of black and gold

Go opulent with black and gold

Black and gold
The classic combination speaks of sophistication. It needn’t be heavy as with any colour you can add ‘pops’. I think with this colour scheme it is the contrast in the light. Black absorbs the light in a kind of velvety way, and gold shimmers and reflects. The two together can add some jollity to a simple box room or grown-up notes to any interior.

Oriental foyer

Oriental inspired bathroom

Tones of the Orient
When I think of gold interiors the Orient with its lacquers and screens come to mind. I love in this bottom image how a very modern and minimal bathroom becomes luxurious because of a Japanese inspired mural.

Gold and green interior

Gold, blue and pink interior

Gold and colour
To embrace the softer side of gold try pairing it with pastel or powder shades. Alternatively embrace bright colours gilding with a little gold to create a happy place.

There is so much potential with metallics, all you need is to find the combination that best suits your personality. Please click on the image to find the credit.


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