My top 10 log cabins

It is getting oh so cold in our little corner of England, Cornwall. True, snow is a rare sight here but one can dream of a log cabin nestled in the cushioned white landscape. These are a few of my favourite that I have found…

Curved wooden home

1) Curved Cabin
This wooden wonder near Oslo perfectly suits its surroundings by actually curving with the landscape. Obviously modern though the dark wood and steep pitch of the roof help this home feel sufficiently ‘log cabin’.

Wooden extension over water

2) ‘Floating’ wooden home
Granted, not quite a cabin but this wooden extension is quite special. Jutting out at different angles, making the most of the rural view, this home I believe actually adds to its setting. Imagine how cool it would be if the water froze!

Tiny cabin

3) Oh so small
This little cabin is only 96 sq ft! Named ‘Nido‘ which means ‘bird’s nest’ this tiny space has great views and just looks like a magical place to watch the stars.

fincube prefab home

4) Fincube
German designer Werner Aisslinger has designed this prefab unit. Such an interesting shape, a cosy pod balanced above the tree tops.

a-frame cabin

5) A frame cabin
There is something about an a-frame that I love, the way the shape points up, reaching above the trees. I think the structure also creates interesting light and shade and holds its own amongst nature’s giants.


6) Treehouse conference room
Such an interesting space, ideas are sure to abound in this treehouse meeting room. Though I may be distracted by the view. Very 1960s I feel, and maybe a little War of The Worlds?

Scottish treehouse

7) Amazing Scottish treehouse
Everything about this elevated home is awe inspiring, just look at that location. A majestic view reflected in a rippled mirror – a perfect writer’s retreat.


8) Mirrored treehouse
Far from a traditional log cabin, but this mirrored box graciously reflects its surroundings so it itself becomes part of the trees.

Futuristic home

9) Futuristic treehouse
This cabin in the woods that looks like it has just landed from outer space. Eco friendly and quite intriguing, this is a concept house by Konrad Wójcik.

German cabin

10) Quintessentially German
The perfect mix of traditional and modern. Simple form with picture frame windows, the cabin sits perfectly in the backdrop of a carpet of snow and a wallpaper of woods.

There is just something about finding your little escape that is good for the soul, the next best thing to owning a little cabin, I think, is gazing at great photographs of one. So enjoy.


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