Mix and match

The kind of Interior that I feel most comfortable in is the miss-matched slightly eclectic interesting ones that happily pair furniture and furnishings from all different decades. These are a few interiors that I would happily call home.

I love the Eastern influence in this lounge, the textures come together to make this a comfortable space. An 18th Century Korean screen creates a centre piece behind a sofa covered in French linen sheets and patchwork Japenese textile cushions all happily combine in interior stylist Peter Frank’s home.

eclectic interior

This interior for a house in Atlanta, USA has been designed by TaC Studios. What caught my eye here is the Womb chair which is featured for the month of November on the Pickle Design 2014 calendar I designed.

Not just mixing different periods of furniture but also ethnicities, this rooms works and the pops of colour brighten the dark furniture.

Interior with Womb chair

Living where we do, in Cornwall, England, you can’t escape the sea – and why would you want to! The influence of the seaside on interiors is clear as you peruse the boutique shops packed with interior temptations. This home is again from America, Westchester, New York. I like the bright white panelling providing a jolly contrast to the heavy wood of these classy pieces of furniture.

Seaside interior

A trend I quite like at the moment is grouping collections. There is something about a cluster that adds a modern twist to an antique collection, and starting small can be a great entry point to the buying of antiques. Be that blue and white ceramics, a grouping by colour of black, white and gold, vintage trays or silver boxes.

Blue and white antique ceramics

A collection of antiques arranged by colour

Antique trays displayed on a red wall

grouping antique boxes on a coffee table

The quirkier the better! We have such a wealth of history to delve into when decorating our homes, I love the idea of layering different periods with each other. To make sure your room has a sense of calm and not clutter create focal points, consider colour but really don’t take it too seriously, I think what our homes need is a sense of fun!

Post contributed by Emma Julian of Pickle Design, Wadebridge, Cornwall.


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