10 of the Best Staircases

The statement piece of any well thought out home is the staircase. Some have banisters ideal for sliding down, others are ultra modern with floating glass that appear to defy gravity! Here are a few that have caught my eye:

Spiral Staircase
1) Beautifully smooth, spiralling like a helix. This staircase would complement both traditional and modern homes. Source.

Spiral Staircase
2) I admire the form of these stairs. I like how the ‘banister’ and steps are separate pieces, and the transition as you climb from dark to light. Source.

10th century well in Chand Baori, India
3) These stairs feel more like an installation than a practical solution, but thats what they were built for! These 3,500 narrow steps were created in the 10th century in Chand Baori, India for a water well. The idea being no matter what the level of water people could access it. Looks exhausting!! Source.

Quirky staircase design by Michaelis Boyd Associates
4) Race you to the bottom!! Brilliant stairs in this family home in England designed by Michaelis Boyd Associates. You would, wouldn’t you! Source.

Regal exterior staircase at Bahauddin Makbara Junagadh, India
5) Back to India, Bahauddin Makbara Junagadh, for a regal exterior staircase built to impress. Source.

Stairs in the home of Kathryn Tyler, Falmouth, England.
6) Do you watch Grand Designs (Channel 4)? This particular staircase was a favourite of mine, understated and practical but very beautiful. This is the home of Kathryn Tyler in Falmouth, England (where I studied!). Source.

Italian staircase design from Studiocata
7) An Italian designed staircase from Studiocata really embodies minimal. It cleverly incorporates a shelf and a desk. A great space saver if a little terrifying! Source.

Viewing platform by NEXT architects, Holland
8) This is a viewing platform, stairs to a view, and is in Holland. Designed by NEXT architects, I just love the curves and argricultural-looking finish. Source.

Musical piano stairs in Wulin Plaza, China.
9) This one is pure fun! Makes me think of Tom Hanks in Big!! These stairs make the appropriate musical notes when trod on, the idea is to encourage people to climb rather than take the escalator. The musical piano stairs are at Wulin Plaza, China. Source.

Rococo stairs at Electoral Palace, Trier, Germany by  Johannes Siez and Ferdinand Tietz
10) Our final staircase is beautiful in its opulence, one where every step you would pause and ponder. These are the Rococo stairs at Electoral Palace, Trier, Germany. Created by artists Johannes Siez and Ferdinand Tietz in 1756. Source.

Article contributed by Emma Julian, a graphic designer from Pickle Design who curates her blog, Design Debate.


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