Natural Fabrics By Mölle

By Molle natural fabrics

By Mölle create wonderful natural fabrics in The Netherlands. Sisters Eveline and Marianne Maat are proud to have founded a brand that promotes a conscious lifestyle, and it’s a pleasure to showcase this ethos with their autumn/winter collection 2013/2104.

By Molle natural fabrics

They make conscious choices in the materials sourced, the production methods used and the people they collaborate with. By Mölle question the status quo and are always looking for new ways to have a positive impact on their environment.

By Molle natural fabrics

New additions to the collection are soft cushions made of linen and recycled denim which can be combined with chunky denim throws or the Mill blanket made of undyed Scandinavian wool.

Cushion created with natural fabrics

This range is available in stores now, see more on the By Mölle website. Photography by Eveline Maat, shot at Mick Keus’ jeans studio.

By Molle natural fabrics


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