Good Quality Bargain Bathrooms

Cheap Bathroom Suite

In a global recession, should we have to lower all of our standards? I don’t think so, but we may have to search a little harder for quality… Taking a look online in the UK has brought Wonderful Bathroom Solutions to my attention. The two shots attached from their range on this post show that the brands they stock may be in the cheap bathrooms range, but nonetheless still have the level of style most home owners look for when choosing their bathroom.

RSZ Designer Fixed Bath Screen

You can see their full stock in a virtual bathroom brochure available on their website. Full of designer fittings and well made furniture, all with a 50% discount across their ranges, and all guaranteed. Currently they only operate in Great Britain, but deliver within 72 hours.

Taking a look through the variety of baths, showers, taps and mirrors, has made me want to write a blog post about contemporary bathroom design. Contact me with any suggestions of designers who have made a virtue of an often overlooked aspect of interior design.


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