Exceptional Extension on Listed English Farmhouse

Hawthbush Extension bedroom window

Dezeen Magazine have just run a very interesting story on British based Mole Architects‘ extension on a listed farmhouse in the South East of England. Their work on the Hawthbush extension is outstanding as it succeeded in creating a highly modern space within tight planning restrictions.

The image above shows the bedroom window which frames the sunrise and gives an indication of the roof which follows the shape of the farm buildings that have been built historically in this region of the Sussex Downs. The construction was made using recovered elements from local structures, emphasising the connection to the past.

Hawthbush Extension on the English Farmhouse

The picture above shows the exterior of the building which again met the planning restrictions through following the tangent that outbuildings on farms in this region take.

Hawthbush Extension

The separation is highlighted and despite the capacity striking styling of the extension, actually highlights the original building.

Hawthbush Extension bedroom design

I get a lot of pleasure from the ceiling in the bedroom, I think that I could spend hours gazing at it and out of that huge window.

Make sure you take a look at the original post on Dezeen for more images and details on this award wining piece of architecture.


2 thoughts on “Exceptional Extension on Listed English Farmhouse

  1. This is really fantastic! It would probably irritate the heck out of me to not be able to hang pictures on the wall and to have to clean around the ones on the floor! But then again, I guess if you can afford to add on something like this, you probably have a cleaning lady, if not a whole cleaning crew!

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